Meaningful Core Values provide a foundation from which we make every decision, large or small.



Our Team

Robb Crocker

Founder & CEO

As founder and CEO, Robb's committed focus is to work and play hard, maintain an unquenchable thirst for learning, and serve others ahead of himself. He believes in Les Schwab's founding philosophy that the best way to build a company is to "build people." To that end, his primary roles at Funnelbox are three-fold: to recruit, coach, and nurture talent; to serve clients like family; and to seek new and better business and production practices. His primary role at home is to be the best husband and father he can be to his wife and their three girls.  

Noe Martinez

Production Magician

Noe may be a magician in title, but his signature headband and his friendly demeanor made Noe feel like part of the team in no time. Nope, Noe is NOT just an intern. He’s a churros eating, Street Fighter loving, wrestling belt wearing, self-proclaimed Otaku (look it up)... who sometimes listens to the Spice Girls and Guns N Roses. Yup. That’s why we love him.  

Ryan Caldwell


Ryan traveled from the distant and arid Arizona (basically Tatooine) with editing skills unlike anyone in the galaxy. His attention to detail and force-like quickness makes him a killer addition to the Funnelbox family. In his pastime, he kills it on Super Smash Bros, partakes in all things pizza, and takes his sweet time adjusting to the unfamiliar rain of Portland.

Rachel Neff

Executive Assistant

Rachel is not only a Rockstar EA in title, she truly has the cojones to keep the boss in line and on time. Her wicked smarts serve her well; Rachel lived the academic life in Washington, California, Georgia and Texas, before landing right here in Oregon City. She speaks four languages and is a damn poet. If Rachel ever wanted to enter a swimming competition, she would have an evolutionary advantage because of her webbed toe. But for now she’ll just stick with unconventional knitting - like full size chainmail armor for her Halloween costume!  

Anca Sandu

Junior Creative Director & Designer

As Junior Creative Director and international storyteller, Anca comes to Funnelbox with chops to make magic happen. Anca specializes in storytelling, both in marketing and design. Her childhood of climbing trees in Romania and letting her imagination run wild inspired her to pursue writing her own picture books, eventually publishing her own children’s books. Having studied in Belgium and England, the gal comes prepared for Portland rain and kooky creativity. These days, Anca spends her time silently judging bad kerning (it’s a real problem), and traveling the world in search of the best gelato places.

Erin Clark

Production Intern

As one of our two favorite interns, we love her and we know you will too. She’s a baker, golfer and a screenwriter all in one. Her life ambition is to film and produce a feature film she wrote all by herself. It won’t be long before she’ll be screenwriting and producing for all the major films in Hollywood. In the meantime, you’ll probably find her rereading Harry Potter for the 9 (and 3/4)th time.

Kevin Michaluk

Production Intern

Kevin is more than just one of the two beloved interns here at Funnelbox, he’s also Paul Thomas Anderson’s biggest fan. On shoots, chief among his duties are camera prep before shoots, assistance to the Director of Photography, and B-camera operation. Additionally, he maintains and keeps the equipment center organized, and is also an Excel extraordinaire (“I make a mean spreadsheet”). During his free time, he enjoys watching Washington Nationals baseball games, long road trips, and vintage video games!

Mike Biewer

Senior Producer

Born and raised in Fargo, ND (“Yes, like the movie”),Mike is a man of many hats around Funnelbox. His day involves working closely with our production team to execute our clients’ visions. Aside from being our awesome digital associate producer, Mike also serves on the board of AIGA Portland and is a part time real estate investor. During his free time, he enjoys being in the great outdoors, eating yummy food and binge watching hockey (Go UND!). He enjoys plane rides that are more than 6 hours long and listening to anything but New Age Country.

Spencer Hemann

Junior Strategist

Hailing from the inner cornfields of Iowa, we have our very own Ambassador of Buzz, Spencer (or commonly referred to as “Spance”). When he’s not churning out brilliant social media content,managing effective advertising campaigns and optimizing videos for Youtube (he’s not a member of the YouTang Clan for nothin’); he can be found maintaining his self-grown ant farm, watching movies starring Jake Gyllenhaal (it’s not an obsession, it’s a lifestyle), and listening to hip hop—yes, all at the same time. As a self- proclaimed maize enthusiast, his favorite foods consists of popcorn, corn chowder, corn flakes and corn.

Tracey Whitney

Production Manager

Tracey's propensity for creative problem solving in a high-intensity environment has yielded a rock-star Production Manager. Her video inception was in public broadcasting, where she worked on national TV shows helping solve historical and archaeological mysteries. When Tracey isn't coordinating like a wizard, she keeps busy gardening, tending to her chickens, and eating her favorite tacos in southeast Portland (she's also a big fan of chicken and waffles).

Joel Pomeroy

Creative Director

While most of his production chops [nearly 20 years worth] were earned in NYC, Joel is a born and bred PDXer. He's an amazing home-brewer, chef, and cheesy '90s R&B advocate. Joel's greatest joy in life is exploring nature with his wife and 10-yr-old son. Funnelbox's greatest joy in life is when Joel shares those brewing and cooking talents with us.