Holistic video production and marketing


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 Holistic Video Strategy

A holistic video strategy means beginning with the end in mind. Only after that end-goal is crystallized, will results be generated through a calculated approach to messaging and creative strategy, production, distribution, testing, measurement, reporting and re-engineering. Funnelbox isn't interested in simply producing videos. Our sole focus is to produce results for you and your organization through the effective use of video.

Video Production Chops/Agency Know-how
Agencies lack the depth and breadth of video creation and production knowledge required for optimal viewer engagement.  Likewise, traditional production companies are deficient of strategy, distribution, testing, and optimization tools and expertise.  Funnelbox connects the dots, providing your viewers an engaging sight, sound, and motion experience and delivering results to you through a successful campaign, backed by reporting and analytics.

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Meet the Crew

Robb Crocker

Founder and CEO

As founder and CEO, Robb's committed focus is to work and play hard, maintain an unquenchable thirst for learning, and serve others ahead of himself. He believes in Les Schwab's founding philosophy that the best way to build a company is to "build people." To that end, his primary roles at Funnelbox are three-fold: to recruit, coach, and nurture talent; to serve clients like family; and to seek new and better business and production practices. His primary role at home is to be the best husband and father he can be to his wife and their three girls.  

Andrew Schaffer


Andrew began his journey to Funnelbox as a humble, determined intern, and he kicked ass so hard that we had to make him a permanent fixture. He’s super awesome, super organized, down for anything, and as if stock footage doesn’t keep him busy enough, Andrew is always taking on new personal projects. How does he do it all? What’s his secret? Burritos. He eats a lot of them. And he may be from Sandy, Oregon but they sure know how to wrap their carne asada.

Ashley Karitis


As the ultimate organizer-shooter-editor-documentarian extradonaire, Ashley has worked on everything from national television shows, independent documentaries, and multimedia web series. Her production experiences have taken her everywhere from ancient archeology dig sites, Buddhist temples in Japan, remote villages in Uganda, and reindeer herding cultures in Mongolia. When she’s not busy trotting the globe, Ashley is a skier-surfer-hiker, and takes breaks from her extreme sports while knitting her own sweaters in front of Netflix.

Kerwin Carambot


Kerwin kinda has a thing for numbers. His background in corporate accounting and finance brings 18 years experience working in industries ranging from web development to energy to hospitality before joining the ranks at Funnelbox. He organizes financial information and management systems with rock steady consistency. He has a knack for knowing where the bank is at any given moment but is just as likely to be answering questions on how to enroll in 401(k) plans, assessing market value of camera equipment or making sure our vehicle fleet is registered and running. Kerwin’s not your usual accountant. He’s run with the bulls in Pamplona. 3 times! He’s lived in Bogota, Colombia, studied in Paris, and served wine in the Napa Valley. When he’s not number-crunching, Kerwin spends time hammock camping, evangelizing Pacific NW wines, and serving as treasurer and board member for a Portland-based non-profit.

Tracey Whitney

Production Manager

Tracey's propensity for creative problem solving in a high-intensity environment has yielded a rock-star Production Manager. Her video inception was in public broadcasting, where she worked on national TV shows helping solve historical and archaeological mysteries. When Tracey isn't coordinating like a wizard, she keeps busy gardening, tending to her chickens, and eating her favorite tacos in southeast Portland (she's also a big fan of chicken and waffles).

Nick Perkiss

Post-Production Supervisor

Nick MAY just have a fondness for cats and cat-related internet videos. That deficiency, however, doesn't stop him from being a top-notch Colorist [that means making magic, people]. Nick's proficiency with DaVinci is supplemented by awesome powers in every program we use in the shop, making him a go-to-expert on practically any problem [just don't interrupt his cat videos].    

Kindi Lantz

Marketing Catalyst

Marketing professionals seem to be around every corner but Kindi is truly a mastermind at her craft. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in passion for the limitless ways an idea or brand can be expressed. The lyrically compelling content she creates has a way of giving her audience a metaphorical slap in the face and they never realize the've been hit. Her talents don't end with marketing either. She is a shuffleboard queen, mixes up a mean cocktail, and this Montana girl can even operate a 3,700 lb tractor. She has just one fear... turkeys.

Terri Nopp

Business Development Representative

Terri has the distinction of being the first ever Funnelbox employee who owns their very own Yurt, but that’s not the only reason we are ecstatic to have her join the team. Terri is an absolute Rockstar when it comes to helping clients reach their best and highest potential. Her passion for helping clients solve their business challenges through creative communication strategies and campaigns has created culture of Terri-Enthusiasts. When she’s not signing autographs for her fan base you can find her in her now legendary Yurt in the Gorge with her husband and two Ridgebacks.

Joel Pomeroy

Executive Producer

While most of his experience [over 15 years worth] was earned while living in NYC, Joel is a born and bred PDXer. He's an amazing home-brewer, chef, and cheesy '90s R&B advocate. Joel's greatest joy in life is expanding the vocabulary of his seven year old son. Funnelbox's greatest joy in life is when Joel shares those brewing and cooking talents with us.

Kirk Vanderleest

Vice President

Kirk works hard with the Funnelbox Team to keep all the divisions, personnel, numbers and clients straight and in their "happy place". Though he’s “corporate” enough to have an MBA and is a certified Six Sigma expert, his on-the-ground experience with clients, partners and staff keeps him real and running right alongside the rest of us. Kirk is the proud papa of three quickly-growing kiddos who enjoy keeping him on his toes.