Really #*@%$&! awesome

Robert Laney of Works, Inc. relates his positive experience working with Funnelbox, calling our Oregon City based production company a 'gem' with a 'can-do attitude' to create 'really cool, great looking media'. For video production, Robert Laney puts Funnelbox on his A-List.

Funnelbox Production Studios | Really #*@%$&! awesome | A Funnelbox Production from Funnelbox on Vimeo.



Well, I'm Roberty Laney, and I'm the Executive Producer and President of Works, Inc. My job is hard enough as it is; I want to have as many good, positive experiences as possible. When I call up Funnelbox, I know that I'm going to get some good ideas and some great execution and it's going to be easy.

And what impressed me was just this attention to quality, that they weren't going to accept second best; and that comes through in the product that I see on screen. I'm blown away by the can-do attitude, the flexibility. I can toss out an idea, say, "I'm thinking about this," and they can take it to the next level. The reason why is that there's no ego involved. There's a level of humility and maturity. They get what it takes to do really cool, great looking media.

I've been on this planet long enough to know when I have a gem on my hands. I have my A-list, I have my B-list; Funnelbox is definitely A-list. The three words I would use to describe Funnelbox are 'Really #*@%$&! awesome'.

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