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    Creative Brief for Video

    The Creative Brief for Video

    Great video content starts with insightful strategic objectives that are neatly summed up in a creative brief for video marketing.

    Elements of production rap

    Elements of Production

    The elements of production can’t be described in a short video. Our video marketing expert gives a taste by rapping the ABC’s of video production.

    brand videos

    3 Categories of Brand Videos

    Meeting all of your customers’ needs through video marketing can be tricky. Remembering the 3 S’s for brand videos will help you help your audience.

    Customer Retention with Video Marketing

    Maximizing Customer Retention with Video

    Video is the perfect medium to cultivate a feeling of connectivity between the client and the brand. Here’s how you can start maximizing customer retention with video:


    Lead Generation with Video Marketing

    Video dominates as a communication medium. When used appropriately, it’s also an incredibly influential tool in achieving marketing objectives such as lead generation.


    5 Video Types Every Brand Needs

    There is no simple video marketing formula that works for every business and no sure-fire combination of video types. That said, if there were, it would contain videos from these 5 categories.

    why production value matters

    Why Production Value Matters

    Production value matters! Elements of production can impact the message communicated and how your audience perceives your brand.

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