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Advertise Your YouTube Channel With Paid Media Spending

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advertise your youtube channel with paid media spending

One way to advertise your YouTube channel is through paid media spending. Overall, paid media spending is great to increase brand awareness. Once you link your YouTube channel and your AdWords account (which I covered in this insight), you’re well on your way to advertising your YouTube channel. In order to get started with how … Continued

Starting a Business YouTube Channel – Have a Plan

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business youtube channel

Fewer than nine percent of US small businesses are on YouTube. When starting a business YouTube channel, have a plan in mind. Yes, YouTube is an amazing tool. But, as anyone reading this who might own miscellaneous kitchen gadgets and garage full of random power saws might know, the best tools have a purpose and … Continued

Three Ways to Tell People About Your YouTube Channel

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tell people about your youtube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to showcase your brand and story. Once you have your channel set up, what’s next? I’m going to share three ways you can tell people about your YouTube channel. TrueView Advertising TrueView advertising can help you reach your audience. If you already have some insights from Google … Continued

Ads on YouTube – Three Things to Keep in Mind

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ads on YouTube

On-demand video streaming is here to stay. Whether people watch on a paid or free service, commercials remain part of the viewing experience. More video platforms are offering ad-free upgrades. For example, YouTube Red is a a monthly fee-based upgrade where users can download and consume content without ads on YouTube. What does this mean … Continued

Super Bowl Ads on YouTube – Three Takeaways

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super bowl ads

In case you’re still in shock over the big game, let’s change the topic to what we all really wanted to see – the ads. Yep. You know Super Bowl ads are like the Oscars. It’s the red carpet of the advertising world. I watched the Super Bowl ads to see the trends and how … Continued

How to Set Up Video Ads on Facebook – A Step-by-Step Guide

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how to set up video ads on facebook

If the active audience on Facebook were a country, it would be the largest. Yep, bigger than India, China or the US. That’s why it’s a great platform to reach people. Which is why I want to ask you, have you ever wondered how to set up video ads on Facebook? I’ve got a step-by-step … Continued

How to Put Ads on YouTube in Three Steps

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how to put ads on youtube

Perhaps you’ve wondered how to put ads on YouTube. If you have a video ready to be uploaded, then it takes only a few steps. If you need to make the video, check out my article on the Pros and Cons of DIY Production. Step 1: Upload Your Video to YouTube In order to have … Continued

Native Ads Using Video: Maximizing Digital Content

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native ads using video

When it comes to digital ads, you have to go beyond the banner. In order to reach people at the RIGHT MOMENT, native ads using video are a great way to go. WHAT ARE NATIVE ADS? Much like the iconic scene in Return of the Jedi where Han tells Chewie to keep his distance without … Continued

2017 Video Trends – Think More Video, More Mobile, More Moments

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2017 video trends

The key word when thinking about 2017 video trends is more. More social media sites will use video. More people will watch video. More data bandwidth will be dedicated to transmitting video. Video is popular because it is more than static words on a page. It compels attention in a way that a still image … Continued

Effective Facebook Video Best Practices for 2017

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effective facebook video best practices for 2017

As we all prepare our marketing strategies for the coming year, it’s important to keep in mind that effective Facebook video best practices are an important part of the marketing mix. Mark Zuckerberg has REPEATEDLY STATED he wants to make Facebook video first. What does this mean? For as cool, connected and crucial as Facebook is, … Continued

Effective Instagram Video – Three Ideas to Get Started

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effective Instagram video

Social video is everywhere. An effective Instagram video takes more than merely uploading a cool video. In fact, here are three ideas to get you started on making sure you have an effective Instagram video for your brand. 1. Make Sure the Video Reflects Your Brand People follow brands on Instagram because they like the … Continued

Easier Now Than Ever to Have YouTube for Business

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youtube for business

It’s never been easier to use YouTube for business. With a fifty percent increase in watch time year over year, YouTube isn’t slowing down. Don’t get left behind! Keep in mind that fewer than ten percent of US small businesses use YouTube. To help folks get started, YouTube has introduced a new iPhone app called … Continued

Maximize Views in Three Easy Steps

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maximize views

You need to know how to maximize views on your YouTube channel. It’s a bit of science and art. I’ve got the right mix and three easy steps to follow so you can learn how to maximize views. 1. Post to all your social media and distribution channels I’ve talked about video distribution strategy here. It’s … Continued

How to Market Your YouTube Channel

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how to market your youtube channel

You might be wondering how to market your YouTube channel. Is it a place where people go to meet your team? Is it a spot where clients go to learn more about your product? Do you want to reduce customer service calls by providing tutorials? Whatever you decide should be on your channel, it’s not … Continued

YouTube Playlist: Three Key Things Not to Forget

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youtube playlist

A YouTube playlist helps your overall channel organization. Playlists make your channel more inviting and user friendly. As I’ve covered BEFORE, playlists are an extension of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. YouTube playlists help your viewer sit back and relax. YouTube gives your channel more credit the longer someone stays on YouTube watching content. … Continued

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