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What is a YouTube Audit?

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A YouTube audit is exactly as it sounds – an official inspection of your channel. A YouTube audit provides insight into how your channel is performing based on data and best practices. I offer two options: a free audit and a paid audit. What do you get with each one? I’m glad you asked. FREE YOUTUBE AUDIT … Continued

Video Marketing Advice for Better ROI

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video marketing advice

You’ve created a beautiful video and proudly placed it on your social media channels. Congrats! Wait, no one is watching it? No one is liking it? Not even your own mother? Oh dear. I’ve got some video marketing advice to help make your video go from “Oh” to “Oh yeah!” Next Click For each video … Continued

Three Companies Doing YouTube B2B Right

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YouTube B2B

Today, I’m going to talk about three companies doing YouTube B2B right: Cisco, Oracle and SAP. Yep. B2B on YouTube. Business to business selling still needs to tell a story to motivate buying. It’s not any more or less magical than B2C selling. Every company that made it to this list made an important first … Continued

Three YouTube Video Marketing Tips

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YouTube video marketing tips

Spring is the air. Portland is sunny. Then rainy. Then sunny. In any case, I’ve got three fresh YouTube video marketing tips. Since I’m not sure when that sun is going to disappear, I’m going to make this quick and get straight to the point.   1. Make every second count This is one of … Continued

One Year Later – Update on YouTube Cards

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YouTube cards

Introduced in March 2015, YouTube cards are slowly replacing annotations. Since writing about how YouTube cards help business growth a few months ago, there have been a few changes. No worries! There are now more subcategories. YouTube cards come in six categories: channel cards, donation cards, fan funding, link cards, poll cards, and video or playlist cards. … Continued

Direct Response Advertising For Lead Gen with YouTube

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direct response advertising

YouTube’s interactive cards and TrueView ads can be used as a form of direct response advertising to generate leads. How? Interactive cards and TrueView ads can direct viewers to “Act now!” At first glance, you might think of YouTube as a place to share funny cat videos or heartwarming clips of dogs reuniting with their owners. … Continued

Why You Should Use Google AdWords for Video

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why use ad words_

Why should you use Google AdWords for video? AdWords lets you use Google’s advertising networks to target your video ads so you hit a marketing bull’s-eye. With tools like Google AdWords, businesses can show up on the first page of Google as an advertisement, even if their webpage does not appear as a top organic … Continued

Where to Share Video – 25 Places to Start

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share video

The importance of sharing was probably instilled in you at a very young age. When your vocabulary consisted of a mere five or six words adults would say, “share your toys.” At school you were encouraged to, “bring something to share” on birthdays or to show-and-tell. In relationships, you are expected to “share your feelings.” … Continued

What is the Definition of Video Marketing?

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What is the definition of video marketing

Business leaders and marketers face continuously evolving technologies and fickle clients. It can be exhausting. Modes and methods of reaching target markets have come and gone the way of Crystal Pepsi, but one means of reaching target markets has experienced an upward slope for the better part of the century – video. Where you have video, … Continued

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