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How to Advertise on YouTube – AdWords Linking

One question I get fairly often is how to advertise on YouTube. On the one hand, having a YouTube channel populated with unique content is a great advertisement for your brand. On the other, if you are in a competitive keyword space, your YouTube channel could benefit from some advertising.

In order to get started with your YouTube ads, you have to connect your YouTube channel and AdWords account. Google has very good guides and step-by-step instructions here, so instead I’ll focus on the benefits of linking these two accounts.

Unlock More Tools

First, by linking your YouTube channel and AdWords account, you’ll unlock more tools. This connection provides more video view statistics, call to action (CTA) overlays, engagement statistics and remarketing information.

More Promotion Opportunities

By linking YouTube and AdWords, you’ll access another dimension of AdWords – video. I talk a lot about the power of video, because it’s true. Any time I include a video in my newsletter, the clickthrough rate doubles. Think about how a video ad on the Google Display Network might perform compared to a text-only ad.

Additionally, people remember much more of the message when they watch versus when they read. By using TrueView ads to advertise on YouTube, you’re reaching people who are more likely to engage with your brand after watching.

A Few Things Before You Start

If your YouTube channel doesn’t have at least ten subscribers and at least one public video, you won’t be able to link your AdWords. Even though you don’t have to use a public video for your AdWords campaign, your channel still needs a public video. If you need a public video and don’t want your ads to be publicly listed, then I recommend creating a welcome video for your YouTube channel. A channel welcome video helps tell new visitors to your channel what you’re about.

One reason you might not want to list a video publicly is to track who interacts with the ad versus who shares that ad after seeing the TrueView spot. Another reason to keep a video as unlisted is if you have multiple cuts or different timings of the same ad. If your YouTube channel doesn’t have a lot of other content, it can make sense to keep similar content unlisted rather than public. You can make the most popular video public later.

If you don’t want to go out and shoot a new script, I’ve found success for clients by editing existing footage and adding voiceover.

Wrap Up on How to Advertise on YouTube

When you’re ready to advertise on YouTube, it’s a great idea to link your channel to your AdWords account. You’ll gain more insight and information from your analytics when they’re connected. If you have any questions about how to advertise on YouTube, drop me a line.