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Rip City Kitty: A Funnelbox Production inspired by All Things Catsidered


When the Portland Trail Blazers made it to the NBA playoffs, we went nuts. The whole town went nuts. Here at Funnelbox, we couldn’t help but see it as an opportunity to demonstrate the reach video content has during real time events. Some call this “newsroom content,” some call this plain ol’ “marketing,” we call it a good time.

So what happened when we inserted our voice into a current event conversation? 2.6 million organic impressions (including an awesome retweet from the Trail Blazers themselves).

We’re making it sound easy, but the truth is that creating content to push out on social platforms as the real-time conversation peaks means a lot of preparation, strategy and planning. It also means that content marketers and social media teams have to make choices. There’s no perfect solution right now that allows you to share your video with as many people as possible on Twitter without leaving the feed, while also driving links and traffic back to your website. Wistia players and getting your own Twitter card white labeled is as good as it gets, but these will definitely take a little extra time and planning to implement. As we worked through this challenge, we considered things like:

1. Is it more important to host the video on our own site so that it builds links and drives traffic back to our site when people share the video?
2. OR, is it more important to get the video to play in the Twitter feed so audiences don’t have to click out of Twitter to view the video? This means the link displayed in the tweet is from YouTube (or another Twitter approved in feed player). The sacrifice here is that you’re not necessarily driving traffic to your site, but you are maximizing your engagement and reach through a simplified user experience.

For this particular event, we opted for #2. We wanted to reach as many people as possible and we knew we would only have our audience’s attention for a quick moment, so to bank on their willingness to click our link and watch the video on our site was a gamble we weren’t willing to take.

We won’t go into every single pain-staking catsideration (get it?) here, but as you gear up for joining real time social conversations, it’s important to consider ROI and make conscious decisions to reach your goals. Like anything, newsroom content takes planning and practice.

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