Animation is the perfect way to simplify any story, with virtually limitless control over the scope, vibe, and visual aesthetic of your illustrated ideas.

Software or concept explainer, 3D product demos, and training videos are all great candidates for animation.


Illustration for animated content from a Funnelbox animation studio in Portland, Or.

Why Animation?

The fact is there are certain objects/forces/ideas that are incredibly difficult to visually demonstrate through live action footage–data traveling through the ether, pathogens flowing through bloodstreams. And there are plenty of stories whose scopes far outweigh their budgets to be faithfully told using captured footage. When you need to represent the activity of thousands of people spread over multiple countries, or illustrate quick jumps in time from one era to another, it can be jarring, or even impossible to effectively demonstrate as much without the freedom and versatility that animation and motion design afford. At Funnelbox’s Portland-based animation studio, we thrive on the creative challenge of translating the look and feel of your brand to an experience that transcends that which can be achieved in a practically-shot environment or setting. It’s a matter of understanding how age-old storytelling fundamentals can best interweave with technology and design principles to surround your story with a tailored universe it can most poignantly shine in.


Beyond the vast creative opportunities animation affords, there are some downright practical advantages to developing an illustrated visual language that, at least when working with our animation studio, translate into smart, affordable campaign execution. Once assets are developed for any particular project, it’s a short, far less expensive leap to deploying that creative across other narratives, or to cutting them down to shorter promotional content for any number of social/digital distribution channels. The bottom line is that animation can both elevate your brand and take it places a traditional video may not afford you, while delivering on a wholly grounded content value, and the promise of extensive distribution options.


Oh yeah, also, with training/education content in particular, a good animation studio can help make some otherwise incredibly boring things a lot more watchable. So do your part to create less drool in the world. Take that 78-slide deck and let us breathe some life into your presentation.

What’s the video you have been envisioning?