Holistic Video Production & Marketing


YouTube and Video Production ExpertS

Over 98% of  business with a YouTube presence are wasting their time, money, and MASSIVE opportunity.


We transform an organization’s YouTube channel from a marketing albatross into a lead generation powerhouse.


We build communities of YouTube fans for organizations to engage, influence, and monetize.


We leverage existing video content assets for clients to increase effectiveness, while minimizing production expense.


We leverage low-cost YouTube advertising opportunities to slash PPC and display advertising costs and increase ROI.


Video marketing has been cited by 52% of marketers as the tactic that provides the best ROI.



Funnelbox Video Marketing & production

Clients benefit from our 37+ years of combined video marketing & production experience.  Along with the experience, comes our  process of “Diagnosis, Strategy, Production, Optimization and Reporting.” This Five-step method provides a foundation from which we are able to establish trust with our clients and get a thorough understanding of what truly matters to them and their organization. Ultimately, our process allows us to deliver on our “WHY.”  To help our clients, partners and people reach their best and highest potential.

Production is in our dNA

Funnelbox was founded over 16 years ago as a video production company. And with over 3,000 videos produced, we’re second to none when it comes to understanding what separates a “good” video from one that significantly moves an audience, and rings registers.
So, whether it’s our team producing the content for you, or working in tandem as consultants to your own production resource, you can rest assured that the Funnelbox team will shepherd the end product to a successful conclusion.