Grow Your Branded Video Marketing Using Buzzfeed’s Strategy

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Anyone under the age of 35 is well aware of BuzzFeed, the content-generating behemoth whose branded content strategy easily outperforms yours millions-to-one. With 175 million unique monthly users viewing the some 700 pieces of daily content they pump out, going BuzzFeed means going viral. BuzzFeed’s video content satiates users’ short attention spans and their craving for easily digestible, highly sharable content. A recent case study by Smart Insights revealed Buzzfeed videos were viewed 110 million times around mid-2014. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. If your video content growth seems stagnant, here are some tips on how you can grow your branded video marketing using Buzzfeed’s strategy.

Sociability is Marketability

BuzzFeed is successful in marketing their video content because they understand the audience’s need to share trendy or provocative content with their social networks. It’s all about the headline. BuzzFeed maintains that its content aspires to quality and shareability with data that continues to show BuzzFeed’s unprecedented growth, with 75% of traffic coming via social referrals.

BuzzFeed continues to experience more than 350% year-over-year growth with its video content.

Keep It Short, Keep it Mobile

BuzzFeed appeals to audiences as a friend would. Your branded video content speaks directly to your audience but limited attention spans are against you. Give them content that is engaging and connects them with your brand’s story, and do it quickly. Video content is a great way to condense a lot of information that is easily and quickly accessible on mobile devices. Mobile growth is exponential and having optimized mobile video content is an absolute must as a content creator. Produce your videos with the intent of targeting the increasing mobile audience.

Quality and Authenticity Count

As content creators go, BuzzFeed employs professionals in its ranks. Having this professional edge when creating content ensures that you’re not flooding the conversation with poor content. Great video can go viral overnight and a bad video even faster. Production values aside, great content creators provide valuable content to their audiences. To be authentic, your brand’s content needs to be representative of its values and clear in its message. Once audiences trust your branded content, they will share.

A Quick Recap

So what did we learn from BuzzFeed’s video content strategy? First, you have to make top-shelf content that is digestible and sharable. Next, make sure your content appeals to your audience, but remember to be creative in your approach; you won’t need to be entertaining every time, but you do have to make the viewer feel comfortable. Lastly, you have to tap mobile users. Mobile traffic is at insane levels and it only continues to expand. Your video content may not reach the stratospheric level of BuzzFeed, but you could do worse by not following their strategy.

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