biggest problems producers face

Biggest Problems Producers Face: How to Conquer Them

Instead of focusing on strategy this week, I want to talk about some of the biggest problems producers face and how to conquer them. It’s a bit of a nod to how things got started here at Funnelbox. While these examples aren’t meant to be exhaustive, they are a good place to start when creating video content.

1. Weather

You can’t control the weather. Sometimes you need rain for a shoot and sometimes you need sun. What happens when nature doesn’t want to cooperate? Using a studio location or turning to stock footage can be helpful when your scheduled shoot day doesn’t go according to plan. If you have time, you can wait to schedule a pickup shoot for when the weather is more to the creative vision. Otherwise, rather than racking up kill fees or postponing delivery to client, be ready to deliver a sunny day with some movie magic.

2. Scheduling

A producer can often feel like the job title should be “Professional Cat Herder.” From location to personnel, all aspects of the shoot go through your review. The best offense to good scheduling is a good defense. Build up a bench of people who you know and trust can perform the jobs you need. When you work up a list of freelancers, you won’t have to worry as often about needing to rearrange the whole shoot day based on a few people’s availability.

3. Logistics

Trying to get all the moving parts together for a shoot can be stressful. The best way to wrangle those logistics is to plan, plan, plan. Always think of what might go wrong and have a plan (or person to throw at the problem) the day of the shoot. For example, if you need a lawn mowed for a location and the day before the company cancels on you, you’ll need to find another solution. Putting contingency plans in place (if this does/doesn’t happen, then I will …) makes shoot day hiccups less stressful. (Because, let’s face it, there will always be some sort of hiccup.) No matter what happens, don’t let the client see you sweat. Keep a cool head and look for a solution rather than an excuse.

Wrap Up on Problems Producers Face

Some of the problems producers face are weather, scheduling and logistics. But, as I’ve learned living our core value of “envision the goal before you roll,” looking and planning ahead will take care a lot of the hiccups before they become headaches.

If you want Funnelbox to take care of your production details, drop us a line.

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