Celluon Epic Projection Keyboard Case Study

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Celluon Epic Projection Keyboard Case Study


How do you create a video that lands your new product in the stores you want? Ask Celluon.

Celluon created the Epic, a mobile projection keyboard and multi-touch mouse solution. This laser keyboard pairs with just about any bluetooth device. Years ago, a product like this only existed in sci-fi movies. Now you can carry it around in your back pocket without breaking your piggy bank.

Celluon knew they had an awesome product, but they were struggling with a lack of brand awareness and communicating the functionality of their product to their target audience. Celluon already knew their target audiences – retail distributors and on-the-go entrepreneurs and professionals, but they needed content to attract inbound leads from distributors while providing end users with a “So that’s how it works!” in-store demonstration.

Chris Chon, Celluon’s Global Business Manager put it well, “We needed a wow factor and a video that tied together the concept of how the product fits into the daily lives of urban entrepreneurs, while creating a strong brand identity.”

This is when they called Funnelbox. Here’s what happened next…

Funnelbox worked closely with Celluon to create a video strategy that not only focused on the functionality and portability of the Epic, but also was nimble enough to use in a variety of marketing channels. For Celluon, this meant creating a video strategy that lent itself to content they could syndicate via social media, Google organic search, pay-per-click ads, retailer websites and inside brick and mortar locations. It was an omnichannel content mission. One video had a lot of jobs to do.

The video combined still images to keep it light, upbeat, and relatable. It was filmed at four different locations in under ten hours, including capturing the always sought-after “golden hour.” This choice of shots and locations created a seamless on-the-go narrative, while still images and tight shots showcased Epic’s perfected functionality in busy urban environments.

What were the results?

Within three weeks of the video launching, it had 300,000 organic views, which spurred enough interest that Office Depot called and asked to be their first major distributor. That deal resulted in over $2 million in revenue, and became the catalyst for Office Max, Best Buy and Bloomingdales to place their first orders. The video officially became the ultimate “wow factor” and ROI generating sales tool the Celluon team had hoped for.

These are the results we live for.

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