Commercial video production is the ever critical eye-grabber for your brand, service, or product.

Commercial video can be an ad, a teaser, or even an explainer video that sets the stage for your entire sales process…and we’ve created thousands of them.


A behind the scenes image from a Funnelbox video production in Portland, Or.


Commercial video production is essential for communicating any marketing message. It’s the teaser video, the attention getter, the vehicle for building instant affinity with viewers in a way no other medium can. Whether slotted for broadcast television, pre-rolls on YouTube and Vimeo, or streaming ads on Hulu and Amazon Prime, the goal is the same–strike an emotional chord sufficient to move your next customer to action.


Funnelbox has been producing in the commercial video production space since Les Schwab was giving away meat with their tires. Since then, we’ve created thousands (no, really!) of videos, deepening our understanding of the medium and how to best fit our clients’ communication goals into the most meaningful and effective commercial productions.


We appreciate and respect the art of commercial production. There’s never been a more dynamic way to tell stories than with film/video production, so rendering stories down to a mere 60, 30, or even 6 seconds means more and more careful attention to each frame–each idea that takes shape–each portrayal of human nature and how we relate to one another. And attention to who “we” even are–how inclusive or exclusive that vision is–and to what end. We want to be a part of telling stories that serve the greater good. Stories that Move people toward an action that improves us. As a purpose-led organization, It’s important to us to work with brands, products, and services that make a difference. It’s what inspires us to fully leverage our craft in teasing out the most intimate, nuanced, and vital aspects of why someone should take heart in their connection to a product or brand. That’s what commercial production can be at its best. And it’s what we aspire to with every commercial production, no matter the budget or scope.

What’s the video you have been envisioning?