Got a message you need to get out there to customers, the workforce, or maybe the world? Corporate video production with Funnelbox is the way to amplify it.

From brand anthem videos or customer testimonials, the video content opportunities are massive.


Behind the scenes, corporate video for Boyd's Coffee.

Corporate Video – The Best Tool In the Toolbox

Corporate video production is a key tactic in cascading messaging out internally and externally to all of your stakeholders. Your brand story, internal training, customer testimonials, how-to videos, product demos or services are all great candidates for corporate video communications. Being able to deftly transfer your message from paper, combining with brand guidelines, into a heartfelt message or story can be extremely impactful.


Whatever the size and shape of your marketing team, Funnelbox plugs in and essentially operates as your “in house” video production department from out of house. Your colleagues from a different ball league. We immerse ourselves in your brand, your goals, and the way you work. And we keep all your content backed up, and spun up on our active drives, so whenever there’s a need you’re just an email or call away from firing up a new edit, a quick change, swapping out a call to action, or whatever the mission may be. Our goal is to be an extension of your operation. And we think we do a pretty good job at it.


At our Portland-based studio, Funnelbox produces all kinds of highly effective communications through corporate video production, including:


Riveting testimonial videos that target the most engaging and authentic stories. Whatever the brand, product, or service, our deep documentary roots and marketing savvy make for stories that beautifully balance the pitch with emotional narrative themes that run deeper than what’s right at the surface.


Brand anthem videos that express who your company is, what you stand for, and why your next customers ought flock. We cast your company in the perfect light, through the perfect voice, to the perfect tune.


Internal corporate communication videos designed for workforce engagement, whether C-suite quarterly addresses, HR initiative campaign videos, or training content.


Product/Explainer videos. Animation, motion graphics, 3D modeling, or maybe just impeccable beauty shots of your process or product at work with narration and the right tune to help it all absorb.


Initiative and community engagement videos that highlight the cause and the need for action, reminding viewers what really matters. As a purpose-led organization, we encourage our clients to shine a light on ways we can take better care of our workers, ethically and sustainably manage our organizations, and become better stewards of our environment.

What’s the corporate video production you have been envisioning?