Courtesy Ford Case Study


Courtesy Ford Case Study

Courtesy Ford came to Funnelbox because they needed help understanding their biggest content opportunities and what messages to deliver across their marketing channels. Funnelbox always takes a “diagnose before prescribing” approach to video strategy and was happy to help.

So where did we start?

We began digging into what barriers were keeping people from walking into showrooms and purchasing vehicles. As it turns out, their target audience had become so skeptical of car salespeople due to the perception of overly aggressive sales pitches, they avoided coming into showrooms until the very end of the car buying process. This meant it was more difficult to win consumer loyalty and to create long-term relationships with consumers. It also just really hurt their feelings. Courtesy Ford had worked hard to train salespeople to be calming, helpful partners in the sales process, and specifically directed them not to be the overbearing, pushy salespeople the car industry is famous for.

This revealed a big opportunity for Courtesy Ford to confront the root causes behind the barriers to purchase and to begin building trust with their target audience by showing that they understood their personal needs, long before they stepped foot into a showroom.

So what transpired?

Our strategy and creative team created an overarching brand message “Being nice is contagious” that would seamlessly integrate throughout all marketing and advertising touch points. Once this message was established, we created a series of videos of happy customers talking about how genuine the Courtesy Ford salespeople are and how easy the purchase process was. Funnelbox led these happy clients through a series of questions that elicited responses strategically designed to quell the anxiety consumers face when walking into a car dealership. These testimonials turned into a 30-second broadcast spot (as you see above), in addition to a series of client testimonials used on their website.

By taking a proactive approach to their video strategy, Courtesy Ford was able to counter negative perceptions while building trust with their audience. They immediately saw a difference between the consumers who interacted with their “Being nice is contagious” campaign and those who hadn’t. This meant that when people came into the dealership, they were more willing to look to sales people for their guidance in finding the right car for them, they would spend more time test driving a variety of vehicles, and were more likely to recommend Courtesy Ford to their friends. Funnelbox couldn’t have been happier to help Courtesy Ford turn skeptics into loyalists.