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Direct Response Advertising For Lead Gen with YouTube

YouTube’s interactive cards and TrueView ads can be used as a form of direct response advertising to generate leads. How? Interactive cards and TrueView ads can direct viewers to “Act now!”

At first glance, you might think of YouTube as a place to share funny cat videos or heartwarming clips of dogs reuniting with their owners. We love silly pet videos too, but as a platform, YouTube also is primed for direct response advertising.

Why? Because the data gathered by Google Analytics takes the information that used to take hundreds of hours to compile and gives you marketing insights with a few clicks.

Without further ado, here’s how YouTube’s interactive cards and TrueView ads can be used for direct response advertising to generate leads:


YouTube’s Interactive Cards for Direct Response Advertising

Introduced in March 2015, YouTube’s interactive cards have evolved a bit more since our 2015 ARTICLE ON THE SUBJECT. Now you are allowed five interactive cards per video.

Interactive cards work on traditional computers or mobile-ready devices. The viewer can click for more information and get pushed further down the purchase funnel.

Interactive cards pop up at times you specify in the video to encourage your viewer to interact with your content. When viewers interact with your video with likes, shares, comments and clicks, YouTube rewards your video by placing it higher in organic search rankings. This builds YouTube Authority, which helps your video show up in organic results above your competitors.

With ASSOCIATED WEBSITE OR MERCHANDISE CARDS, you can send customers to your website or straight to your shopping cart. You can see all the data behind the video. Then you can place the cards in the optimal spot to get the most interaction or to redirect your viewers’ attention if it starts lagging.

Best of all, you don’t have to change your entire video to try a new call to action. You can change a card to reflect the newest offers or product pitches. Plus, you can track how many people are clicking your cards.

YouTube interactive cards really are the digital equivalent of the marketing call of “Act now!”

TrueView Ads for Direct Response Advertising

TrueView ads are the ADS DISPLAYED BEFORE VIDEOS that have enabled video monetization. TrueView ads can be targeted for including time of day, location, search behavior, and specific channels and pages.

The ability to target your viewer makes it ripe for direct response advertising. This is where some of the more traditional “Act now!” calls to action can be used.

TrueView ads work. Let’s look at a CASE STUDY BY GOOGLE. Wayfair and Sephora used TrueView for shopping to engage new customers. The results? Wayfair tripled its revenue performance and Sephora saw an 80 percent increase in brand consideration.

You can use your TrueView ads to tell your viewers to visit your page and include a call to action to have them move further down the purchase funnel.


As a digital platform, YouTube has many direct response tools built in to successfully reach the right audience. Feel free to DROP US A LINE if you’re interested in learning more.