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Creating quality video content is the challenge of every business. Technology allows market segments to be broken into atom-sized pieces. Even large corporations struggle to create content that speaks to these multiple audiences. Knowing this, YouTube now offers Director Mix. Director Mix helps businesses create different versions of the same creative. By tailoring the content based on unique audiences, YouTube’s Director Mix is changing the video advertising game.

How Does YouTube’s Director Mix Work?

YouTube has created a system that can create thousands of versions of an advertisement to match different audiences. So, this means that their proprietary program creates unique advertisements by swapping out voiceovers, background or copy. Want to change the copy to better fit with a cooking show? Done. Want to see if a woman or man’s voice resonates better? Check. Need to test different background colors? Easy-peasy.

By simplifying the post-production process, YouTube has made creating multiple versions of an advertisement infinitely easier. Besides, YouTube needs to make ad revenue. Therefore, it is in their best interest to ensure these types of tiny ad tweaks speak to the right audience.

Why finding the right audience is important

Every day, people are inundated with advertising. From morning to night, from radio to mobile device, someone is seeing some sort of brand messaging. YouTube has learned is that it’s about timing and placement. According to YouTube, their “aim is to show ads that are relevant and useful, so that instead of interrupting people’s viewing experiences, you’re enhancing them.”

Highlighting Director Mix’s success, YouTube pointed out that Campbell’s SOUP experienced a 55 percent sales lift and a 24 percent boost to ad recall. Why? People responded positively to tailored content. Most of all, instead of having their show interrupted by an advertisement, the small changes made the brand messaging a welcome part of the viewing experience.

How does director mix help?

Director Mix reduces the amount of labor needed to create multiple versions of ads. While the changes focus on sound, copy and background, that might be all a viewer needs. When ads feel like a seamless part of the experience, viewers are happy to engage with those messages. This creates win-win for advertisers and consumers.

Much like YouTube’s program to provide professional production services in select markets with a minimum ad spend, Director Mix makes it possible for businesses to create cheaper content. Instead of using internal or external resources, companies can use Director Mix.

Similar to Clinique repurposing print ads for bumper ads, YouTube’s Director Mix simplifies the process of creating multiple ad versions. In a nutshell, Director Mix takes a lot of post-production elbow grease out of the equation.

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