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Effective Instagram Video – Three Ideas to Get Started

Social video is everywhere. An effective Instagram video takes more than merely uploading a cool video. In fact, here are three ideas to get you started on making sure you have an effective Instagram video for your brand.

1. Make Sure the Video Reflects Your Brand

People follow brands on Instagram because they like the brand. They want to interact and share what they love. Be your cool or badass-brand self on Instagram. Social video should not be an afterthought. No matter what kind of video you post, make sure it fits within your larger brand voice.

2. Keep it Focused

Instagram allows videos between 3 and 60 seconds. How long should your effective Instagram video be then? As long as people will watch it and not a second longer. If the content is good, then people will watch it. So, when Lego posts short videos of builds, they keep it to the point. Each frame is a click of the bricks going together. They also reward you for watching the whole video – take a look below to catch the chuckle-worthy ending.

Lego’s Instagram is also wonderfully silly with shorter videos, like this one of a banana minifigure stumbling on a chessboard.

That Friday feeling… #LEGOMinifigures

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No matter which Instagram video you watched, you still got a sense of the Lego brand. The length didn’t matter – the content did. Which reminds me, not every video needs to sell a product. But, every video needs to sell your brand.

3. Plan your Hashtag Strategy

Make sure people can find your video. If you’re still in the planning stages, look at what’s trending. Think about what’s coming up. The holidays? What hashtags trend every year? Make sure you create content that fits in a larger, social conversation. That’s why it’s so important to be yourself. People will follow you because they love what you do. Besides, even a single hashtag will increase your average engagement by nearly 13 percent. Plan ahead.

Wrap Up on Effective Instagram Video

An effective Instagram video needs to reflect your brand, stay focused and use hashtags. That way, you reach your brand champions, have great content for them to consume and provide a way for new followers to find you.

In case you missed it last week, check out our Instagram version of our Thanksgiving video:

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Funnelbox! Enjoy our turkey day mad lib!

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