Facebook video

Facebook Video

YouTube might be the platform best known for online video but Facebook is nipping at its heels. In fact, the majority of viral YouTube videos are discovered on Zuckerberg’s social networking baby. With the rise of native video on Facebook, it will only be a matter of time before Facebook video catches up to YouTube.

Currently, YouTube has a leg up on Facebook when it comes to video thanks to its content search function. While YouTube users can type in a topic and discover a myriad of videos on the subject, Facebook users only see the video content as it shows up in their feed. I have a hunch it’ll probably be just a matter of time before the social media giant offers a similar feature. When it does, those who already have an optimized video library will have the upper hand.

To give you a head start, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to setting up and optimizing your native Facebook video channel.

Step 1: Upload a video

Rather than embedding from other sites, upload your videos directly to Facebook. This will this help populate your video page and because these videos are native to Facebook, your videos will be more likely to show up in users’ feeds than ones embedded them from third-party sites.

Step 2: Customize your thumbnail

You will have the option of using the thumbnail provided by Facebook or uploading your own. Always choose the latter. First impressions matter and custom thumbnails have substantially higher click-through rates.

Step 3: Title appropriately using keywords

Though Facebook doesn’t currently have a video search function, I anticipate it being introduced in the near future. As you upload your videos, add keywords, which will save you a lot of time and energy in the future.

Step 4: Choose a Video Category

You will be provided a list of categories. Choose the most appropriate category to describe the content in your video.

Step 5: Set a CTA

Select between the provided actions as follows: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, and Watch More. Once you have made your selection, you will be prompted with the next steps. For example, if you choose “Learn More,” you will need to provide a URL.

Step 6: Publish

You can publish right away by clicking the blue button on the right side of the screen or schedule the post for later by clicking the drop down on the publish button.

Step 7: Tag others

Tagging people who appear in your video will increase the number of impressions your video gets by also showing it in their followers’ news feeds.

Step 8: Share

You will be given the option to share your video. Do so. It will boost your organic reach.

Step 9: Repeat steps 1-8

Continue uploading and optimizing videos until you have added all of them.

Step 10: Set Featured Video

From your main page, click “More.” Choose “Videos” and you will be taken to your Facebook video channel. Setting a featured video is as simple as the click of a button.

Step 11: Create Playlists

Click “Create Playlist” and you will be prompted to give a title and description. Use keywords you will want to organically rank for in both sections. A screen with your thumbnails will appear and you just need to click the videos you want to present in that particular playlist. Once you have made your selections, custom order as you see fit.

Questions? Feel free to drop us a line.