Four Types of Video to Boost Traffic

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Online video marketing isn’t a fad. Growth has been compounding at extreme rates year over year in the amount of time individuals spend watching online video and with respect to the number of companies adopting the practice.

While everyone seems to be in love with the audio-visual art form, businesses aren’t typically making video just for grins. It’s actually quite the opposite. They’re usually following the advice of well-informed marketers who understand that video generates significant results.

It’s not just any video that will drive traffic to your website and online video channels, though. Each video needs to be deeply rooted in strategy, and that includes using the right types of videos for the right reasons.

Without further adieu, I present four video types to boost traffic:

1. How-to

Proper keywording and including the words “how to” in the title of your video are a sure bet to increase traffic. It makes perfect sense – individuals go to sites like YouTube and Pinterest to learn how to do everything from making the perfect merengue to performing surgical procedures. A simple video demonstrating how to do something as it relates to your product or industry doesn’t take a lot of work, but it will stir up a lot of views.

2. Walk-through

In the short-run, providing an in-depth explanation of the features and best uses of your product or service offering will keep new customers engaged and aid in product/service onboarding. In the long-run, walk-through videos improve customer satisfaction, because each individual will get the most out of their purchase.

3. FAQ

Face it. Current and potential customers have questions. Lots of them. If you don’t answer them, someone else will and they will benefit from the boost to traffic. Another known digital marketing fact: people are more likely to watch a video than read an article on the same subject matter. Answering the most commonly asked questions about your product or service offering via short videos will not only drive traffic, it also will drive sales because informed individuals are more likely to purchase!

4. Web Series

Web series are unique in that they keep individuals coming back time and time again. Furthermore, those who are engaged and come back time and time again are likely to recommend the series to friends and colleagues, which leads to exponential organic growth.


Adding one or more of these four video types to boost traffic to your website will help generate leads and increase sales. These four video types boost traffic because your customers can learn about you and your brand with your authentic, authoritative voice.

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