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Sometimes I check out how people found One term that caught my eye was “YouTube advertiser friendly.” Plenty of opportunities exist in the advertising world to leverage the power of YouTube. Why, then, would someone come to us looking for a friendly YouTube advertiser? I thought it over. Then, I realized what makes Funnelbox different is our core values.

Core Values?

You might know or have heard that Funnelbox once had ten core values. They were all integral to how things were done. But, ten was a lot to share. We even had a great acronym to remember them: “Be a cute pug.”

As with many things, though, the early iteration needed a few tweaks. Nothing like watching your employees fumble through the core values during a Monday morning meeting to make you rethink things.

Instead of quantity, I focused on quality. My leadership team and I worked on the inherent qualities of who we were as Funnelbox. We’re a one-stop shop. We do video marketing, video production, and animations. Aside from that, we’re a crackerjack team of folks who love what we do.

Now, we follow our CREED: create win-win; rock mutual accountability; envision the goal before you roll; engage in proactive, unfiltered, effective communication; and deliver profitable results.

What does that mean? Bear with me. I want to speak from the heart here.

The Funnelbox Core Values

Create win-win.

We always look for ways to ensure that both parties in a transaction come away with a positive result. It’s not about us versus them, but rather working towards collective goals for collective good.

Rock mutual accountability.

We hold ourselves accountable to our responsibilities and actions. Just as importantly, we hold our teammates accountable for their responsibilities and actions as well. Positional power plays no role in holding others accountable. The first day intern has just as much responsibility holding the CEO accountable to his responsibilities and actions as the CEO does the intern.

Envision the goal before you roll.

Before we start on ANY initiative, we first stop to paint a clear picture of what success looks like. This could be with an advertising campaign, a seminar, a client engagement or a business plan.

Engage in proactive, unfiltered, effective communication.

At Funnelbox, we assume nothing. We communicate expectations and insure that there is clear understanding between all parties. We don’t sugarcoat communication. We communicate directly and succinctly, but ALWAYS with respect.

Deliver profitable results.

We exist to make profits. For our company, and, just as importantly, for our clients. And not simply financial, but in numerous ways that add value to our lives and the lives of those we work with.

Wrap Up on Friendly YouTube Advertiser and Other Thoughts

Funnelbox’s CREED holds the five keys to peace, love, joy and prosperity at Funnelbox. Sure, lots of other places talk about their core values. We live them. Part of what makes us a destination for someone looking for “YouTube advertiser friendly” is that what you see is what you get. If you have any questions about advertising on YouTube or how Funnelbox might be able to help you out, drop me a line.

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