google marketing next 2017 keynote

Google Marketing Next 2017 Keynote Highlights

The Google Marketing Next 2017 keynote confirmed a lot of trends we’ve noticed in advertising. Namely, that Google continues to build upon the mobile-first motto it outlined during the 2016 keynote. Without further ado, here are some of the key takeaways from the event.

Big Picture Takeaways

• You have one step or one second to capture a user.
• Tech is doing the heavy lifting with search by combining intent, data and machine learning.
• Consumers are not distinguishing between online and offline; they are non-line. Customers see online and offline as one and the same.
• Most users have five or more devices – phones, laptops, TVs, tablets, etc.
• Conversational technology will continue to grow – think Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

Google Marketing Next 2017 on Search

• Search is people’s go-to path for assistance, with 87 percent of smart phone users turning to search.
• Data and machine learning are being applied to search. (Think our recent post on natural language search.)
• Users want frictionless, assistive experiences, especially with search.
• Brands will have more opportunities to offer value at multiple micro-moments.
• Being helpful has a positive impact on use and recommendation, but less than one third of experiences are described that way by users.
• The advice was to “put the consumer at the heart of your strategy.”
• Incorporating data into campaigns is critical to ROI.
• Customers need great experiences at every touch point.

Important notes on Audience Products and Customer Purchase Journey

• Speak to customers based on their intent, interest and activities.
• Consumer patterns and life events will be coming to YouTube to understand intent-rich signals and provide ads that are more relevant to the user.
• Better measurement of cross-device effectiveness to answer the question, “Is my marketing working?”
• Google AdWords and Google Analytics will better sync and speak with each other in the coming months of 2017.
• Better cross-device frequency capping will be coming. This is called unique reach and will include YouTube.
• Data and machine learning will drive better ad experiences and more relevant results for users and content providers.

Wrap Up on Google Marketing Next 2017 Keynote

Here’s what to keep in mind when reflecting on the insights from the Google Marketing Next 2017 keynote address: use data, machine learning and automation to make the customer journey more helpful and improve your return on investment with advertising.

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