How to Maximize Your Brand Message Using Instagram Video

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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing user bases when it comes to content engagement and shareability. Known primarily as a photo-sharing app, Instagram also allows users to create 15-second video clips—something that brands can use to maximize their brand message. If you want to learn how to use Instagram video to increase your brand’s exposure and reach audiences beyond your comfortable niche, read on…

Get With the Times

C’mon, people. It’s 2014. We all know how social media can work for your brand, but oftentimes knowing how something works versus understanding how to apply it is completely different. To understand how Instagram video will increase your reach, you have to first look at Instagram itself and why it has surged past the likes of Facebook and Twitter in terms of user interaction.

User interactions with brands' posts

The Forrester results reveal that brands have a higher chance of user interacting with your branded content on Instagram (i.e., more interactions with less content) because of the extent that Instagram users engage with and share branded content. Photos on Instagram are still prominent, but Instagram videos are quickly gaining traction within the popular community.

It’s a Mobile World

Instagram is primarily a mobile app and by posting your branded 15-second videos on Instagram your video content gains access to the wide world of mobile users. Mobile video is key to maximizing your brand message, particularly with Instagram, since audiences want compelling yet easily digestible video content. Brands have learned that traditional 30- or 60-second spots are not the most effective way of reaching mobile audiences and have adjusted the type of content they produce, which also is more cost effective.

A Safe Bet for Branded Video Content

While YouTube’s mobile traffic has increased by 34% just over the last two years and more than 15% of all online video content being viewed on mobile devices, Instagram is already firmly on proven ground. As popular as it is, Instagram offers brands the opportunity to grow along with mobile audiences, which in and of itself is reason enough to consider using the platform as a way to maximize your brand message. Your video content strategy cannot overlook the viability and potential for growth that Instagram offers brands.

It’s All About ‘Value’

Regardless of where you post your video content, audience must see content as “valuable” to them. Here’s what makes for a great Instagram video:

  • Audio A picture is great and video is better, but video with sound is the best way to engage audiences with your brand message. Audio enhances the viewing experience.
  • Editing You have 15 seconds to grab audiences’ attention. Video helps convey an emotional connection that other mediums often struggle with. Use that short timeframe to get to the point of your message.
  • Narration Particularly for short videos, narration can put the brand message at the forefront for viewers. Along with some great imagery, narration tends to strike a corresponding tone.

Once you have posted your branded video, in order to maximize said video content you’ll need to 1) share your Instagram video throughout your social media channels, from YouTube and Facebook to Twitter and beyond; and 2) utilize the influence of the audience — you’d be surprised at how many brand evangelists are willing to share your brand with their trusted social networks.

So that’s how you maximize your brand message using Instagram video. Any questions?

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