How to Set Up Video Ads on Facebook – A Step-by-Step Guide

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how to set up video ads on facebook

If the active audience on Facebook were a country, it would be the largest. Yep, bigger than India, China or the US. That’s why it’s a great platform to reach people. Which is why I want to ask you, have you ever wondered how to set up video ads on Facebook? I’ve got a step-by-step guide with screenshots to show you how to start a video campaign.

1. Log in to Facebook.

You’ll need to log in to Facebook to get started.

step one how to set up ads on facebook

2. Select Your business manager account.

Facebook requires a personal account to link to a business manager account. Navigate to the Business Manager  in the upper righthand corner. The option is located in the arrow to the right of the lock icon.

step two how to set up video ads on facebook

3. Choose Business Manager.

In the upper lefthand corner, click on the three parallel horizontal lines. This will open a dropdown menu where you will want to select Business Manager.

step three how to set up video ads on facebook


4. Choose Ads Manager.

Click on the dropdown menu. It will open the screen below. Navigate to the “Create & Manage” tab and under business manager, select “Ads Manager.”

step four how to set up video ads on facebook

5. Click on Create Ad in right corner.

In the new screen that opens after clicking on Ads Manager, you will see a green “Create Ad” button. Click on it.

step five how to set up video ads on facebook


6. Choose your Campaign goal.

We’re going to say “Get video views” for this tutorial, which is the fourth option down in the Consideration column. Choose what best fits your goals and marketing strategy.

step six how to set up video ads on facebook

7. Name your campaign and click continue.

For illustration purposes, we will name our campaign the default “Video views.” You’ll want to name your campaign something that will help you identify it within Facebook. You might consider goals, timeline or topic as a Campaign Name.

how to set up video ads on facebook

8. Create your audience.

You will see an audience screen, fill in your information. If you don’t have a specific audience or target in mind, I recommend starting with a broad category based on your Facebook audience. Make sure to edit the placement and remove the audience network. After you fill in the audience info, please scroll down.

step eight how to set up video ads on facebook

9. When you scroll down, you’ll see Placements.

It’s easy to miss this step, because many screens make it hard to see what is below the audience option. Know there are a few more boxes of information you need to fill out before you’re done.

step nine how to set up video ads on facebook

10. Use the dropdown menu to select what kind of Facebook ad placement you’d like to do.

You want to avoid automatic placements. Instead, select “Edit Placements” to fully control your ad’s variables. Uncheck the Instagram box. Why? You want to use a separate ad group for Instagram because Instagram ads are delivered differently. (Instagram ads have distinct text requirements.) Also, I recommend removing the audience network because we find the audience network to have poor ROI with respect to quality traffic. On the left of the Facebook tab in Platforms, select if you want your video to appear in Feeds, Instant Articles or the Right Column.

step ten how to set up video ads on facebook

11. Scroll down again and select your budget and schedule.

Decide on your daily budget and how long you want your ad to run.

step 11 how to set up video ads on facebook

12. You can select “Show Advanced Options” if you want to make changes to your bidding.

You will see more options for how to change your bid amount, when you get charged, how your ad is scheduled and what type of delivery your Facebook video ad will have. What you do depends on your campaign and goals. Click continue.

step 12 how to set up video ads on facebook

13. Upload your video.

You can choose from videos on your Facebook or upload a new video. Make sure your video is a .mov or .mp4 file with at least a 720p resolution. The file size can’t exceed 2.3 GB. The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9. The maximum time for a Facebook video ad is 60 minutes. Remember to select “Upload Video” after you choose the file you want to use.

step 13 how to set up video ads on facebook

14. Enter the page and text, then preview the ad.

We recommend choosing “Review Order” before placing your order to ensure you’ve got everything in order.

step 14 how to set up video ads on facebook

15. Start Testing.

After your video campaign is up and running, go back to the first audience you made and then create 5-10 more audience variations to test which ones are providing the most value. After a day or two of testing, you can allocate funds to the best performing audiences.

16. Create Custom Audiences

After all is said and done, you can create a Custom Audience of video viewers. This will allow you to remarket to the people who have watched a certain percentage of your video. You can also create a Lookalike Audience from this initial Custom Audience. This tells Facebook to create a similar audience of those who have watched your video. The screenshots below will show you what you should see at each step.






Wrap Up on How to Set Up Video Ads on Facebook

This step-by-step guide on how to set up video ads on Facebook should help you get your video marketing off to the right start. As always, if you have any questions or want to talk about strategy, please drop me a line.

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