video marketing plan

Why invest in a video marketing plan

One of the more common questions I get asked is, “Why invest in a video marketing plan?” In part, it’s because in order to live out the Funnelbox core value of “envision the goal before you roll,” having a plan and strategy are key elements to success. Here are a few reasons why you should have a video marketing plan as part of your marketing mix.

Video is a Virtual Salesperson

A video can serve as a virtual salesperson. Here’s our take on that:

No matter the weather or time of day, your virtual salesperson is there for your company.

Video Helps Connect with People

Video helps communicate more than text can. Video is one of the richest mediums, allowing an audio-visual experience extremely effective in making a lasting imprint in the minds of viewers. Doctor Albert Mehrabian discovered that body language accounts for a full 55 percent of someone’s message. A mere seven percent of a message received comes from words chosen. The way in which those words are expressed tone-wise accounts for 38 percent and the remaining 55 percent of the message received can be traced to body language.

Other mediums are typically capable of one or two of those divisions, but video is a rare gem with the ability to capture all three. Use it to its full potential when pushing out audio-visual campaigns. Viewers are much more likely to retain information that is presented in an expressive way.

Video Serves Many Purposes

Video serves many purposes, but don’t try to shoehorn one video into being the end-all-be-all for your company. Have a welcome video and have client testimonials. Don’t try to make one video do everything. If you need help deciding what type of video your brand needs, check out this post.

No matter what type of video (or videos) you choose to add to your strategy, video helps you make a connection with your viewer that text can’t match.

Wrap Up on Video Marketing Plan ROI

The reason to invest in a video marketing plan is to have a virtual salesperson who can help connect you to people. But, remember not to force one video into serving as a catchall for everything your business needs. Video is powerful. Invest in a video marketing plan and start seeing the ROI.