Company Profile Videos - Love Me, Love Me Not


Company Profile Videos – Love Me, Love Me Not

Oh, hey. <looks around, as if he’s caught> uh, so, yeah… had to get out for a little fun. Even company profile videos need a little companionship. I guess I’m supposed to be nervous… waiting for a blind date and all. Will we have anything in common, will I say the wrong thing? Will I have some gnarly piece of food in my beard all night? But actually, I’m cucumber cool. That’s pretty much the purpose of my existence, after all. Put it out there for all to see. Let ’em know who we are. Make sure there are no surprises. So when someone is interested, they know what they’re getting. Yes, I CAN cook an incredible eggs benedict. And I have chronic bacne. Can you deal? I know she’ll be able to… assuming she shows, because I was candid upfront. Seriously, who wants to waste time twisting arms. Trying to convince a poor fit we can make it work. Love, me, love me not, I honestly couldn’t care less. But if you’re in the latter camp, let’s just spare each other the pain. Really, what’s the point? You’ve got enough on your plate. And look at mine. Well, hellooo. So, let me be your filter. I draw in the people and businesses you want, and send the rest packing. While YOU run your business. You really are cool with the bacne thing, right?