how to make ads on YouTube

How to Make Ads on YouTube – Tech 411

When you need to know how to make ads on YouTube, it’s important to keep the technical side of things in mind. As with all Google advertising, quality is important. What do I mean by quality? As I’ve emphasized before, one of our core values is to envision the goal before we roll. The better the starting product, the better the end result. I’m all about driving results.

Why start with quality?

Starting with a lower quality product doesn’t provide much room for growth. Plus, if the video and audio are too low quality, Google won’t let your ad run. Yes, YouTube there are videos of varying quality on YouTube. But if your content isn’t watchable, then it won’t matter how brilliant the creative is.

What type of files do YouTube ads require?

There are nine types of files that YouTube accepts:

Each file format has its benefits. Although Google says MPEG-4 is one of the recommended video ad formats, I recommend MP4. It’s a technical difference. An MPEG-4 file can be stored within an MP4. I have found that the MP4 format is easiest to send to clients for review. MP4 is a format that works well in different media players and works for YouTube. There is not reason to complicate things by having different files for client review and uploading for TrueView ads. The simpler, the better.

720p or 1080p?

If you have access to film in 1080p, there’s no reason not to use the higher resolution. YouTube will automatically change the formatting to best work for the viewer. This goes back to the idea of quality video. Make sure the whole package from lighting to sound is in good shape. With Millennials using three screens per day and Gen-Z using five, it’s important to think about the quality of images and streaming getting better and better.

What’s the best ratio?

While a 4:3 ratio is adequate, it’s best to use 16:9 to avoid bars on the sides. Goes back to quality. Again, if you have a choice, choose to set up the video format right from the start. It makes for a better viewing experience.

Wrap Up on How to Make Ads on YouTube

When advertising using TrueView ads, there are some technical aspects behind how to make ads on YouTube. Make the highest quality video you can. Upload it as an MP4 in 1080p with a 16:9 ratio and you’re golden. Begin with the end in mind – a video that tells your story and captures the best of your brand. If you want to chat about what that looks like, drop me a line.

how to make ads on YouTube
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