Making Clients Partners in Success – Three Customer Service Tips

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Making Clients Partners in Success - Three Customer Service Tips

We consider our clients to be partners in success. We often hear prospective clients express their concerns that working with a creative shop will be difficult or that a video-driven social media marketing plan is too intimidating to implement. Making clients partners in success can seem intimidating at first, but these three customer service tips will help you understand how to make clients happy when working with you.


1. Listen to the Client

The most important thing when we start working with a new or returning client is to learn and listen to what the client wants and needs. We embrace our core value of proactive, unfiltered, effective communication by actively reaching out to the client. We use email, phone calls and in-person meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. The client should never have to repeat wants, desires or information. We hear our clients the first time.


2. Make it Easy for the Client

Clients choose us over other production companies because we make working with us a worry-free process. When you do a good job of producing great quality work that meets clients’ expectations and business objectives, then clients don’t have to worry as to whether or not the project is going to get done on time. When your clients know you make things easy for them, they come back because they know they are valuable partners.


3. Put Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes

We know our clients face a lot of decisions when it comes to marketing and producing great video. We look at the product we created and ask ourselves not only if it met the expectations of our clients, but also if it exceeds the expectations our clients didn’t know they had. We put ourselves in the shoes of the client and think about how the final product looks to them. When the project is completed, we want our clients to feel they received more than they asked for, without them having to ask.

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