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You need to know how to maximize views on your YouTube channel. It’s a bit of science and art. I’ve got the right mix and three easy steps to follow so you can learn how to maximize views.

1. Post to all your social media and distribution channels

I’ve talked about video distribution strategy here. It’s really important to reach out to your other audiences to help drive views. Frequent, early views help boost a video’s organic search ranking on YouTube. It’s important to get a solid foundation of views. It is a trust signal for future viewers that the content is worthwhile and useful.

Don’t just drop a link into those channels and call it good. Make sure you’re maximizing views by speaking to the audience of the other distribution channels. If you can embed the video, that’s even better.

2. Run a sponsored campaign to boost views

Like the adage, “You’ve got to spend money to make money,” you’ve sometimes got to spend a little to get some views. If people don’t know about your video, then who is going to see it? You can use the power of TrueView to drive those views to your video. Clicks can be as low as a few cents. If you combine a paid campaign with a clear call to action, then you can use that traffic to your advantage.

3. Keyword and Titling Strategy

Make sure your video is discoverable. I recommend between 10 and 15 keywords that best represent the content in your video. Make sure the title tells the viewer what the video is about. It’s easy to forget YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. But it’s important to remember that by the time a viewer clicks on your video, they’ve already been looking for your content.

Wrap up

These are three ways on how to maximize views on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to check our YouTube channel. Share, like and comment. Or drop us a line and we can talk more about how to make social video the star of your digital strategy.

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