Customer Retention with Video Marketing

Maximizing Customer Retention with Video

Lately we’ve been focusing on video for lead generation – and rightly so, as a critical aspect of all organizations is bringing in new business. But, it’s a well-known fact that ROI will continue to improve if energy is put into nurturing existing relationships. Not only does it lead to repeat business, but current clients also will become your best sales people by sharing their unique experiences with others.

Video is the perfect medium to cultivate a feeling of connectivity between the client and the brand. Here’s how you can start maximizing customer retention with video:

Promote new offerings

With the intent of generating excitement and raising awareness around the release of new offerings, product launch videos influence repeat business. Many companies even go as far as creating anticipation of the release of a new product or service long before it has been launched. Brands like Apple and Nike use these types of videos to drive first-movers and loyalists to their brick-and-mortar and web stores, often selling out of a product moments after its release.

Customer Support

Video is an extremely effective way to answer customer questions. These automated, audio-visual forms of customer service are available at any hour and without the annoyance of elevator hold music. Turn text-based answers on FAQ pages into video explanations and demonstrations to increase overall customer satisfaction. Customers love to share their experiences whether positive or negative and quickly getting to the root of a problem will maintain contentment and safeguard against negative word of mouth.

New uses

Also aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, new use videos keep current users engaged with the offering. Videos of this nature are highly successful across online platforms. People are social creatures and tend to share information that makes their lives easier and excites them. Furthermore, new use videos have the extra benefit of adding value for your customers!


Videos purposed to entertain should capture the personality of the brand. They are often tied to the goal of social engagement. The intent is to draw out an emotional response from the viewer and maybe even stir up a bit of nostalgia and yearning for the offering without a direct call to action. They appear across all channels but are more recently used in email and social campaigns.