Mehrabian's Formula


Mehrabian’s Formula

So I got to an elevator once and there’s Woody Allen. I almost launched into conversation like him and I were old pals and then I saw the look he gave me and quickly realized obviously he had no clue who I was. My heart broke a little bit but you now that’s the power of film and video. It’s completely normal to build relationships with people and the characters they play without ever having met them. We do it all the time at Funnelbox by bonding people to the brands we partner with. And it can feel a little magical to be honest. Kinda the same way I felt like I could put my arm right around Woody’s shoulders. That’s right, Woody and I… first-name basis now. But here’s the thing: it’s not magic. It’s not magic at all. In fact, it’s science. Doctor Albert Mehrabian studied how people receive information communicating emotion and intent and here’s what he established. It’s known as Mehrabian’s formula. Inflection and intonation account for 38 % of a message. Seriously, I want you to know I love you. Okay that’s a little closer right. You sort of believed me but it still missing something. So, here’s why heartfelt videos work. In Mehrabian’s study he discovered that body language accounts for a full 55% of the message. Which means: truly, you should know that I love you. Alright, so the catch is people do actually pick p on what’s real and what’s not which is why it takes an amazing actor to make you care about their character. But it’s also why this works so well for our partners who care deeply about sharing whatever it is they do with the rest of the world. At Funnelbox, it’s about authenticity. It’s about Transparency. It’s about daylight flooding in on who you are and what you’re about so that when you or your team meet prospective clients they feel like they already know and trust you. Just don’t look at them like my man Woody looked at me.