Paintball Online Case Study

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Paintball Online Case Study


Paintball Online came to Funnelbox because they were ready to see how much ROI video content could drive for their eCommerce paintball superstore. Funnelbox collaborated with their marketing team to create a strategic video designed to lift conversion rates by driving sell through of paintball products to prospects who had previously visited their site, but had not yet purchased.

These visitors were online researching what paintball products to buy, where to buy them and how fast they could get their package. They were still in a research phase and not yet loyal to a particular brand or site, which meant they were often bouncing to competitor’s sites to continue researching and completing their purchases elsewhere.

Paintball Online knew they had the best inventory of products, same-day shipping, a stellar loyalty program and customer service team. They had everything their audience wanted, but needed to find a way to communicate their value proposition so that their visitors no longer felt the need to “look elsewhere.” In short, they needed a way to drive their most qualified prospects back to to seal the deal.

We needed to tip visitors from consideration into conversions and we were psyched. Here’s a look at the triple-pronged approach to our video strategy:

1. Incorporate’s value propositions to encourage users to make immediate purchases by anticipating their common questions and needs.

2. Retarget qualified site visitors on the platforms they favor with relevant content. In this case, YouTube pre-roll was the best platform because their target audience spent a lot of time on YouTube learning about how to play, what paintball equipment to buy and competitive paintballing strategies. By reaching these visitors where they were already looking at relevant content, they were engaged and primed to purchase.

3. Take a creative approach to the video that uses high-energy live action to appeal to the aspirational adventure and competition seeking personality traits of their target audience.

And what were the results? We’re glad you asked. Here’s where the magic happened. Upon launch, the strategy and video that Funnelbox created for increased conversion rates by 600% when A/B tested against a generic PSA pre-roll ad. This meant that more visitors were coming back to their site and moving from the consideration to the conversion phase of the purchase funnel. In turn, this meant not only was Paintball Online able to increase their revenue, but also decrease their cost per conversion by 77%, and increase the value / conversion by 36%.

Every brand deserves a great video that helps them reach their goals, and we were thrilled to be part of that strategic creative process for Paintball Online.

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