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Pinterest Promoted Video – Four Things Brands Need to Know

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about Pinterest Promoted Video. There are a lot of great ways to connect to your customers via Pinterest Promoted Video. I’m going to share four things you need to keep in mind so your content stands out. Make sure your content inspires, tells a story, focuses on quality and gives viewers an action to take.


When 67 percent of Pinterest users say they come to the site to be inspired (as compared to 32 percent of users on other platforms), it’s important to deliver on those expectations.

Inspiration isn’t solely a function of someone learning more about cool ways to use your product. But inspiration is more than how-to content. (Although those types of videos are great too!)

The beauty of using the medium of film is that it creates an emotional connection with the viewer. Show them something that makes them react. Then let that feeling guide your viewer into an inspired action with your brand.


Another important aspect of a successful Pinterest Promoted Video is storytelling. I’ve said it before that not every needs to sell a product, but every video does need to tell a brand story.

Along with making sure your Pinterest Promoted Videos tell stories, there are specific Storytelling Pins. According to Pinterest, these types of Pins are best for “highlighting brand attributes, sharing news or launching products.” Remember, you have to give people a compelling reason to click.


It’s better to have fewer, more quality Pins. Yes, once again, quality is more important than quantity. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for A/B testing (there absolutely is). However, you want to make sure that you focus on quality videos. Make it the best you can and have it be the most polished you can possibly do.


Along with inspiration, storytelling and quality, you need to give your audience something to act on. Whether it’s to share, buy or click – let them know! Make sure there is an actionable task associated with your larger campaign goals. Don’t waste your viewer’s response on the wrong call to action.

Wrap Up on Pinterest Promoted Video

A successful Pinterest Promoted Video is something that will inspire, tell a story, be high quality and have an associated action. If you want more info on Pinterest Promoted Video from Pinterest, check out their How to Make Great Pins Guide.

If you want to talk more about how Pinterest Promoted Video might fit in your marketing mix, drop me a line.

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