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Pinterest Video – Learn About Pinterest Promoted Video

Billed as the “world’s greatest catalog of ideas,” Pinterest is a great tool for consumers. To that end, Pinterest video in general and Pinterest Promoted Video in particular are great ways to reach customers. Why? More than 150 million visitors discovering pinned content every month. Pinterest Promoted Video is exactly what it sounds like – advertising to consumers directly on Pinterest with video.

According to Pinterest, throughout 2016, there was a 60 percent increase in videos on platform. So, when Pinterest rolled out Pinterest Promoted Video, brands were able to quickly connect. Unlike many other social media outlets, three-fourths (75 percent) of the content people consume on Pinterest comes from brands. Branded content is a welcome part of the Pinterest experience.

Additionally, 67 percent of users said that Pinterest video content inspired them to take action with a brand. By looking at several case studies published by Pinterest, we can see a few common themes emerging.

First, pair engaging video content with buyable pins. These pins direct users to send users straight to a buying page – whether they are desktop or mobile. Younger consumers are a demographic that is especially primed to purchase on the go. The user experience is made easier by being able to go straight to purchase without having to search the web for the right product or company.

Second, remember that video content helps people remember your brand and product. When Old El Paso ran a series of promoted videos, they enjoyed an eight-point increase in brand favorability. Plus, their content was four times more memorable than non-video ads.

Third, craft content that works across multiple social media platforms. More often than not, it’s a best practice to upload a video directly to individual social media platforms. While this is more work for your brand on social media, having your content shine on each platform outweighs the temporary inconvenience. If you’re going to do how-to content, it would be great to share with a Pinterest video that you also can upload to your YouTube channel. Why? How-to content plays well on both sites.

Video isn’t going anywhere and using Pinterest video to make your brand shine is a great opportunity.

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