Repurpose Your Video Content Already!

So you’ve made an awesome video… congrats! But when you create great video content, the last thing you want is to have it go to waste. If you don’t utilize the maximum potential of your video content, then you’re not getting your maximum ROI. An effective video content strategy includes repurposing video content… so let’s talk about how to successfully repurpose your video content!

Slice, Dice, and Remix

If you value your investment in your video content strategy, then your audience needs to value your actual content. If you create only original, high-quality videos, you open up a world of possibilities when it comes to repurposing your video content. For instance, if you create a killer 60-second video that plays on your website, you could also edit that footage into multiple shorter videos (of the 15- and 30-second variety), and increase the potential reach of the original video and its message. Shorter videos can be used to entice the audience via social media and drive traffic to your site or blog. If you shot a high-quality video, then you probably have lots of extra footage, which means lots of potential for extra videos! And if you didn’t, then next time plan ahead for this type of repurposing so that you can be sure to cover your bases.

Other Ways to Repurpose

Aside from sliced-and-diced videos, there are a variety of media formats that will expand your brand’s reach while cross-promoting your original video content…

  • Whitepapers Detailed information on a particular subject. Reads like a technical document, complete with research (and should be in PDF format for accessibility).
  • E-books Less technical version of a whitepaper. Should cover the video topic extensively, yet written in a less-formal style (for a potential audience outside of your particular niche).
  • Articles & Blog Posts Articles explore a video’s topic in-depth, providing the audience with valuable information and insight. Blog posts can highlight certain points from a video, but is even more easily digestible for audiences.
  • Social Media Posts Video content can grab the audience’s attention immediately, which is perfect for social media. A quick synopsis is taken directly from a transcript of the video, the original script, or an excerpt from a whitepaper, article or blog.
  • Podcasts Using video topics to start or continue the conversation, including audio taken directly from the videos.


Repurposing your video content helps maintain its longevity with its intended audience. Spinning new ideas around your existing video content will save time and money while increasing your exposure and audience. It’s a win-win for everyone. Remember, if the repurposed content is valued, whether for its entertainment or information, it builds your authority within your niche as well as brand awareness.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Many brands struggle with small or shrinking content budgets. Repurposing your video content is practical, legal, and most importantly, cost-effective. Maximize your video content marketing strategy by repurposing your video content, and get ready to increase your traffic and exposure!