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YouTube is the dominant video platform. As such, a YouTube channel is the foundation for any comprehensive video marketing plan. It’s not enough to go with the default settings – you need a plan of action for your video strategy playbook.

We offer a full suite of video optimization and strategy. We create channels from scratch or optimize existing channels. We also optimize individual videos to improve their organic search position and to improve your channel’s YouTube Authority. Our services can include monthly reporting and tracking of results. We also offer an option to provide ad hoc consulting for the duration of the contract.

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Start with a complete YouTube audit

A paid audit engages our team of experienced digital marketers and researchers. We compare your channel to your two nearest competitors and tell you exactly what to do to dominate this video space. The paid YouTube audit is more than 60 pages with multiple calls to action. We explain the best practices and give ideas on how to improve your channel so you can beat your competition.


What do I do with my complete YouTube audit?

Some clients use the results of the paid YouTube audit and hand it off the valuable information to their internal marketing department who takes the ball and spikes in in the end zone. Other clients get their paid audit results and say, “This is a lot of information,” and ask us to do the driving. In any case, you’ll have a phone consultation about the results of your paid audit, so you will never be left scratching your head.



What’s included with YouTube channel optimization?

The first step in starting or enhancing your channel’s YouTube Authority is optimizing the content from keywords to custom thumbnail. This is what we offer to optimize a YouTube channel from the ground up:

> Create and customize YouTube channel
> Research and optimize channel keywords and meta tags based on search intent
> Develop body copy
> Associate channel to specific landing pages, as appropriate
> Create custom channel name
> Design and implement a custom channel banner
> Create a branding watermark with a “subscribe” button to help build subscriber base and YouTube authority
> Research and optimize channel keywords (based on search intent) to maximize conversion from YouTube viewers to qualified leads
> Add and optimize keywords in the body copy and call-to-action links in the “About” section
> Associate website and verify channel in YouTube
> Rank and organize channel sections to optimize views and subscriptions


Video Optimization

One major ranking factor in YouTube Authority is the discoverability of your videos. We also ensure your video assets meet best practices. When we optimize videos on YouTube, we do the following:

> Identify and optimize individual video keywords based on search intent
> Develop and implement a proper “Nesting Title” strategy for initial and ALL future videos
> Optimize individual video descriptions with keyword rich body copy and proper call-to-action links to drive leads to your chosen website or landing page
> Research and analyze search intent and optimize video tags (15-20)
> Research and implement region specific tags as appropriate, check for relevance
> Sort and place ALL videos in appropriate playlists
> Design and implement UTM URL tracking for ROI measurement and optimization
> Ensure proper conversion tracking is set up in Google Analytics or other web analytics tool


Video Marketing Consultation

We work alongside our clients as partners. If you already have an internal team or an external partner, we’re happy to provide consultation to ensure your video plan fits within your larger marketing objectives. To that end, we provide consultation on:

> How to create a custom thumbnail template
> How to design, create, and program custom interactive cards for new and existing video assets with strategic CTA messaging and proper links
> Consult on best practices on editing and optimizing close captions


Video Marketing Strategy

We also can offer to provide a plan that we can execute or our client can execute that includes the following:

> Outline the number of videos to produce based on distribution channel (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
> Research and define the subject matter content for each video
> Recommend optimal length for each video
> Layout the narrative structure of each video (intro, hook, meat, close, etc.)
> Develop content calendar for shooting (by Funnelbox or by a third party of your choosing) regularly scheduled content to be uploaded and optimized for your YouTube channel
> Define KPI’s for managed video marketing campaigns


Media Buying Plan

We develop a media buying plan for highly targeted media buying with both in-stream and video discovery ads, as well as targeted media buying (media spend is additional). As such, we do the following:

> Research optimal online video media buying opportunities
> Segment audience for targeted ads
> Develop appropriate online media budgets
> Facebook video ads (if appropriate)



YouTube Playbook

We provide a YouTube Playbook that includes instructions and templates for preparation and optimization of future video content.


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