3 Categories of Brand Videos

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3 Categories of Brand Videos


Sparkle, Sway, & Serve

Remember not so long ago when “web video” was its own category? No one cared about parceling things out into  testimonials, how-tos, or “about us” vids? but now brands need to know their content satisfies every customer need. hurling a bunch of ill-defined “web videos” doesn’t cut it anymore. When we look at brands with successful video strategies, almost without fail, their videos fall into three distinct categories.

I affectionately refer to them as Sparkle, Sway, and Serve.

Let’s start with Sparkle…

Flashier than the others, Sparkle vids bring the brand magic. They drop the viewer’s  jaws and make potential customers  say “oh sshhschnitzel… mama needs.” ” Ultimately, Sparkle vids give the Call To Action.

But it can’t be all razzle dazzle. Too much pixie dust will make you sneeze. Enter…the slow dance of the video realm…the Sway video.

The Sway gives viewers that additional support to move forward–it can be through celebrity endorsements, testimonials, or encouraging stats that reassure, and move folks further down the purchase funnel.  …The right kind of support is really important.

Lastly, the serve video. And no, it’s not Roger Federer giving tennis lessons…and let’s face it, you’ll never be a tennis pro anyway.

Serve videos are the proactive answers to the questions viewers have. Videos like “What is the best wine to pair with veal” ? Or “how to pronounce creme fraiche? (fraaaa-eeeshe)” That’s not right?

Serve videos help a viewer feel equipped to enjoy a product to the fullest and avoid awkward questions with 1 (800) whatever.

Repeated excitement, assurance, and guidance help viewers to learn and trust your brand.

Consumers need videos that hit the entire spectrum of the buying process. So be sure to remember the three S’s of brand videos. Sparkle, Sway, and Serve.

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