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Fewer than nine percent of US small businesses are on YouTube. When starting a business YouTube channel, have a plan in mind. Yes, YouTube is an amazing tool. But, as anyone reading this who might own miscellaneous kitchen gadgets and garage full of random power saws might know, the best tools have a purpose and are used for more than one project. The same is true for a business YouTube channel.

Posting a couple of videos and letting them sit on the channel forever isn’t going to cut it. To that end, I’m going to give you three things to think about as you make a YouTube channel for your business.

What’s the Plan?

The purpose of your business YouTube channel will dictate the social media strategy you use. If your goal is to replace physical media, then use YouTube to host the content. If you want to tell people about your product, think about having more than one video.

Once you figure out the purpose, you can make a plan. Social media can’t be an afterthought. Social media works because people are behind the curtain. Brands with the most spunk and personality online are those that have good people planning and running their social media. Video strategy takes as much time, effort and care as any print or broadcast campaign.

Think Evergreen

Whatever your plan, think about how the content will live on your channel. Some FAQ content will last forever. It will be evergreen. Think about the top things you want to share with your audience. It might be answers. Or it might be your personality. Either way, you want to be able to stand the test of time, so leave those leisure suits behind.

Be Consistent

If you are going to post once a quarter, be consistent. We consider best practice to post at least once a week, but we understand this isn’t always possible for smaller outfits. Whatever you decide to do, be consistent about it. People will wait for good content, but don’t keep them in the dark.

Wrap Up on Starting a Business YouTube Channel

When you start a business YouTube channel, have a clear plan. Think about having evergreen content and post consistently. Then you’ll join the nine percent who are leveraging the power of YouTube. If you have any questions or want help optimizing a YouTube channel, drop us a line.

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