Three Ways to Tell People About Your YouTube Channel

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tell people about your youtube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to showcase your brand and story. Once you have your channel set up, what’s next? I’m going to share three ways you can tell people about your YouTube channel.

TrueView Advertising

TrueView advertising can help you reach your audience. If you already have some insights from Google Analytics, you can use that information to shape your TrueView campaign. Create a brief ad to tell what your channel is about, why viewers will find your content useful, and ask those viewers to subscribe.

Other Social Media Platforms

Many businesses have at least one or two other social media platforms. Make use of them! Let people know you have a YouTube channel. Schedule posts to remind people to check out your content on your channel. You can upload videos natively and direct people to watch more on your YouTube channel. This helps build your authority on both venues.

Strategic Partnerships with Similar Channels

YouTube is a form of social media. Find channels in your area of expertise that might benefit from your service/product (or vice versa). Then, see if they are willing to mention your channel. You also can recommend their channel to your viewers, either in a video or as part of the related channel section. This helps build social proof for both channels. Win-win.

Wrap Up on Three Ways to Tell People About Your YouTube Channel

Video packs a huge punch that the written word doesn’t often match. Use TrueView advertising to drive new subscribers to your channel, tout your channel on your other social media platforms and form strategic partnerships with similar channels.

If you have any questions about how to tell people about your YouTube channel, want an objective look at your YouTube channel, or need a partner in your video marketing journey, drop us a line.

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