Thanksgiving 2017 - Thank you from us to you


Thanksgiving 2017 – Thank you from us to you

We got animated this Thanksgiving because we are so grateful for you.

Turkey: There’s really nothing more rewarding than figuring out what’s most important to you and your organization. You know, the thing that everything else centers around. You might say your main course and then giving it voice. We’re so grateful you come to us for that.

Mashed potatoes: We’re also grateful for your consistency. Some things are just great because they’re there doing their job, scoop after dependable scoop. I mean project after project.

Cranberry sauce: Let’s not forget about the importance of a little pizzazz though. We’re grateful we get to bring that extra-special bit of color and flavor to your projects to help them stand out.

Kale salad: And why not stand out with innovation? Being the newest shiny thing never hurt, right?

Gravy: Oh, beat it, Kale. WRONG video. We also love working with you to bring cohesion to your marketing using video to bring it all together and top it off with the perfect, final touch.

Stuffing: I think what matters most is what’s at the heart of your strategy. You might say it’s more important what’s on the inside. We’re grateful you get that.

Yams: And we’re grateful you let us help you distinguish yourself to stand out amongst your competitors. There’s nothing
worse than getting overlooked for all the other options out there.

Creamed corn: Tell me about it.

Green beans: Or because it’s so tough explaining why it’d be so good for your potential customers.

Pumpkin pie: Look, at the end of the day, we’re just grateful you’re at our table.We hope your holiday season is sweet, maybe a little spicy and full of meaningful tradition with your friends and family. From all of us here at Funnelbox,

Everyone: we’re super grateful for you!

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