Three Ways to Make YouTube History

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If you have video content, it’s hard not to think about how to make YouTube history. We all want to catch lightning in a bottle and have our work go viral. I’ve talked about this before here and here. As much as I’d love to have the secret behind why one videos explodes across the internet over another, the real magic behind YouTube Authority is creating content that drives traffic and helps people remember your brand.

That being said, after almost two decades in the business, I’ve got three tips to help your video along its journey of making YouTube History.


Whether you’re a six-year-old boy crying over litter or a CEO telling the world how effing great your product is, one factor behind the success of these videos is the authenticity. The people in them aren’t trying to be anyone but who they are. No matter what video you create, you have to make sure it’s who you are, really and truly. Albert Mehrabian did a bunch of studies and (as we’ve covered here) that can be summed up this way: there’s much more to the message than the words. Be yourself – your true self – and your audience will connect with you.

Next-Click Strategy

A lot of videos make YouTube history by sheer luck. From double rainbows promoted by late night hosts to catchy song and dance moves with more than 2.5 billion views, a lot of viral videos (as implied by the name) lie in obscurity and then one day, the content creator wakes up to fame. However, without a next-click strategy, they’re not necessarily going to wake up to fortune.


Thousands (or even millions) of views don’t automatically translate into a bunch of sales and customers. If you haven’t primed your content to tell your viewer what to do next (go here, do this, click this), then you’ve lost an opportunity to push them further down the sales funnel. A lot of viewer behavior is driven by these gentle reminders of click, subscribe, visit and comment. Because one video has billions of views doesn’t mean billions of people bought the product.


One thing a lot of viral videos have in common is hitting the collective funny bone. Humor is a tough thing to get right, but when it does, it often takes off like wildfire. Things like parodies are great if you’re trying to jump on the bandwagon, but time is of the essence. What was pertinent and hilarious a year ago might not age well. That means if you’re going to go the Weird Al way, you’ve got to move fast and create content that plays well off the original source of inspiration.

Now Go Off and Make YouTube History

While I can’t promise lightning in a bottle or the magic formula behind going viral, I can tell you that creating your content with the long-term game being authentic, having a next-click strategy and using humor can help you out if you ever do catch that viral electricity when it strikes.

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