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YouTube video marketing tips

Spring is the air. Portland is sunny. Then rainy. Then sunny. In any case, I’ve got three fresh YouTube video marketing tips. Since I’m not sure when that sun is going to disappear, I’m going to make this quick and get straight to the point.


1. Make every second count

This is one of the most important YouTube video marketing tips: you have to get to the point. A viewer needs to know WITHIN SECONDS what your video is about. Don’t dawdle. Don’t lollygag. Why? That viewer will bounce if you don’t get to your point quickly.

When planning videos for YouTube, a lot of people forget that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. It means when people find your YouTube video, they’ve already invested in a search. When they click, it’s because they think your video is the best fit for what they wanted to watch.

How did your viewer know to invest the time to click on your video? Glad you asked. Let’s go to the second of my YouTube video marketing tips.


2. Titles matter

No, I’m not talking about Her Royal Highness, Doctor or The Honorable. I’m talking about making sure your video titles match the video. What? Don’t title your video one way and have the content talk about another topic.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t promise a kid sprinkles on ice cream, and then give them raisins. The same thing goes with titles. Clickbait might work for those awful articles full of ads and “see what happened” promises, but it won’t work on YouTube.

If your viewers aren’t staying until the end of your video (see YouTube video marketing tip No. 1), then YouTube is going to think your content isn’t helpful. If your content isn’t helpful, then YouTube’s SEO algorithm is going to push your video down in the search results. That’s worse than raisins on ice cream.


3. Thumbnails – Make ’em Pretty

Think of your favorite soda. What color is the can? Could you pick it out in a lineup?

Thumbnails are important because, like cans of soda, they are your brand identity on YouTube. Make the thumbnail match your brand and the video’s content. You want to use a template that creates a sense of your brand.

Make your thumbnail pretty. Make it match your overall branding. The more you build your YouTube Authority, the more people will associate your thumbnails with authority. This in turn means viewers will seek out and choose your content before your competitor’s. The more your videos are chosen, the higher your videos will appear in the search results. Now, those are some sprinkles on your ice cream.

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