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Video SEO, just the thought of it is daunting for most. That doesn’t make it any less important in today’s content marketing world. Video has been implemented as a top tactic with 76% of B2B marketers and if your desired audience can’t find it, they will never view it. So, take a deep breath, dive into theses top video SEO blogs, and get started on optimizing search results for your video in 2015.

If just mentioning SEO makes you uncomfortable (let alone video specific SEO), then Lauren Colman’s blog on video SEO basics is an incredibly easy read and a great place to start. No web designer lingo or coding here, just easy, actionable recommendations to increase viewership.

Casey Henry points out google’s decision to no longer show video snippets in search results unless from a few major brands and YouTube (which was acquired by Google in 2006). He discusses the benefits of including video as a part of overall SEO strategy instead of depending on rich snippets alone.  Such an approach to video SEO is likely to be much more sustainable with search engine algorithms constantly evolving.

Still, YouTube is widely used and Google remains the top search engine. This makes it is critical to maintain a presence. Tara Banda offers tips on optimizing specific to YouTube and Google which will help you capitalize on the “500 year’s worth of YouTube videos watched on Facebook each day”.

If you choose to click on just one of the links provided here, let this be the one. Evy Wilkins realizes there is a time and place for YouTube and Vimeo but also notes the importance of hosting your videos on your own domain. She gives tips on best practices and provides actionable suggestions to get you started in improving your rankings.

In his list, Colin Osing mentions some of the basic information offered by the other bloggers but he goes a step further, providing additional tips to indirectly affect video SEO. Following his suggestions could give you that extra boost and an edge over the competition by increasing the overall CTR of your desired audience.

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