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Multiple content pieces

You’ve probably heard the saying, “content is king.” While it’s absolutely true, most organizations don’t have a whole team of content creators producing numerous pieces every week. Still, content marketing is very real and those who are consistently putting out relevant material rank higher in online searches, thus having the upper hand over their competition. Smaller businesses and those of you without available resources, don’t fret; you can build upon content you already have or turn a single idea into multiple content pieces. Here are some tips to get you started:


Develop the idea

This may sound simple (and it can be) but it’s critical that the content you produce is something that intrigues your target audience. Do your research using sources like Google Trends to determine what people are already searching for.


Break it into sections

This is the simple part. See, I did it with this blog post.


Turn each section into a separate blog post

Expand on each section to develop a more in-depth blog post. Check out this blog’s Purchase Funnel tag to see how I did this for recent post series “Video for Each Phase of the Purchase Funnel.”


Develop social media teasers for each post

These can be in the form of video fragments, simple conversational copy, pictures, factoids, and whatever else you feel would intrigue your audience and generate interest.


Compile each section of the blog post into an e-book

You may have to tweak the content slightly but, for the most part, the work has already been done. It can be as simple as turning the compiled posts into a single pdf document. Many organizations take the extra step of adding images and branding the documents with their logo and color scheme.


Turn the most popular (or all) posts into videos

This is a pretty low-risk piece of content. You already know your audience is interested; it only makes sense to make it easier to digest. Video is a superb way to get a point across in a short amount of time.


Capture additional footage for social

So, you’ve decided to turn that blog post into a video. Awesome. Now, get more for your money by capturing some behind the scenes, b-roll, and other clips that can be used for trailers or teasers to promote the content on social platforms.


Give a talk on the subject

One of the best ways to promote your company and/or a specific content is to speak to your audience in person. We’ve brought in leads that have turned into some of our best clients through speaking events. Apply to be a speaker at events, or host one. Sure, it takes a little time to develop a slide show and practice presenting but the research is has been done and the information has been compiled so you should increase ROI and use it every chance you get.


Make your slides accessible online

Upload the slides from the presentation to SlideShare to get it discovered by more people and drive more traffic to your site.


Capture a video of the presentation for your website/YouTube/ other platforms

It can be as easy as setting up a camera at the back of the room or as involved as a full-on professional video. Either way, you are driving more views, continuously capitalizing on a presentation you only had to give once.

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