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Word-of-mouth can make or break a company. That's why it's so important to turn viewers into brand champions.

The customer is always right. We’ve heard this time and time again. With the proliferation of social media, one customer’s experience (positive or negative) can travel around the world in a matter of hours. Word-of-mouth can make or break a company. That’s why it’s so important to turn viewers into brand champions.

Word-of-mouth has always been powerful marketing. We’ve all got friends and family members who love a certain product or brand. When you tell a compelling and authentic story through video, your customers can turn around and show their friends and family. When your viewers-turned-brand-champions do the talking, their opinions carry far more weight than product reviews or anonymous customer testimonials. In fact, Nielsen discovered that the circle of influence is pretty wide – more than 8 in 10 respondents completely or somewhat trusted recommendations from people and nearly half of the respondents say they completely or somewhat trust video ads.

What happens when you get a one-two combo punch of a video ad that gets shared on social media by your viewers-turned-brand-champions? Magic. Why? Video captures and maintains a viewer’s attention. Video also shows the personality and vitality of a brand in a short amount of time.

Now, what’s the secret sauce to turn your viewers into brand champions? We’ve got three proven ways.


Tell your story

Behind every brand is a story. Tell it.  Better yet, tell a customer-centered story, creating a sense of involvement on their end. Describe humble beginnings, challenges, breakthroughs and, of course, why you owe it all to the people who have shown trust in your brand. Deliver a compelling story your customers will attach to with thoughtful narrative, impactful scores, and well-crafted messaging. Remember, your competitors are selling a very similar offering. The product or service does not work alone to make your customers become cheerleaders for your brand. No, customers become loyalists because of the way a brand makes them feel. A compelling video can help these brand champions express their love and loyalty for you to their circle of influence.


Educate Your brand champions

One of the best ways to increase the lifetime value of an individual customer and transform them into a proponent of your brand is through education.  And, video just so happens to be one of the most effective educational tools. FIRAS KITTANEH says “memorable companies help customers help themselves.” Provide tutorials and demonstrations. Address frequently asked questions. Show them new ways to use your product on your optimized YouTube channel. Customers armed with knowledge typically don’t shy away from sharing information. Ninety percent of online shoppers find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. If those shoppers find a helpful video and can send it to people in their social networks, well, your video has helped your viewer turn into a brand champion.


Provide fuel for their engagements

Telling your story and educating your current users is just the tip of the branded video iceberg. Organizations need to maintain momentum by frequently engaging supporters. PATRICK HANLON, author of Primal Branding, recommends focusing on building communities. The idea is that this consensual group will understand the brand as a whole and become brand champions. There are plenty of ways you can continue to pique the interest of these communities with customer testimonials, innovative new technologies, or a hilarious montages of product misuse. Authentic, quality content will drive engagement and increase the love they feel for your brand, like that mixed tape or playlist you made for the person you had a crush on in middle school.

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