Two Ingredients for YouTube Engagement

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YouTube engagement

YouTube engagement is one of the key factors to showing up higher in organic search results. The two main ingredients behind what YouTube considers engagement are eyeballs and interactions.


When I say eyeballs, I mean watch time. The longer viewers are on your channel, the higher your video will rank. YouTube also rewards videos that lead to viewers watching for longer periods of time. So, if you set up playlists and your viewer sits back and watches and watches and watches … Well, YouTube says that’s good for the viewer and good for your channel.


When people comment, like and share your content, YouTube sees that as a sign of trust. Subscribing also is an important factor. It means that viewers want to come back for more content.

All these trust signals tell YouTube’s search engine algorithm (and YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, in case you forgot!) to put your content up higher. Remember, viewers sometimes need prompting. Think about your “next-click strategy.” People want to please you. Let them know what to do next. Whether it’s to like your video or head over to your website, help guide your viewer to the next step.

Why Look for YouTube Engagement?

YouTube engagement is important because of the social aspect to watching video. Viewers look to see how many likes a video has or how many views. A highly liked video with even a few hundred views can be a powerful signal to the viewer that your content is worth clicking on.

The view to engagement ratio is important to ranking as well. Few likes, comments and shares mean the content is not provoking a reaction with the viewer. When the view to engagement ratio is low, it signals to YouTube that your content is not as useful. Low viewer engagement means YouTube will not rank a video as high in the search results compared to a video with more interaction.

Wrap Up

When you create great content that engages viewers, YouTube rewards your video by placing it higher in organic search results. By keeping those eyes locked on your content and fingers clicking and sharing, you start to rise above your competitors.

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