Two Ways To Improve HR Through Video

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Two Ways To Improve HR Through Video

Technology has made information more accessible than ever, making the job market fiercely competitive. Recruiting talent is no longer limited to the local newspaper or a national trade journal. Applicants and businesses have taken their search to a global level to find the perfect fit. Video helps Human Resources (HR) departments gain an advantage when it comes to standing out among the competition. The two ways to improve HR through video are when it comes to acquiring and then retaining talent.

Acquiring Talent


Show off your company culture

People no longer expect to clock in and clock out until they retire. Work is an important part of many employees’ identities and company culture is as appealing as (if not more than) a decent salary or retirement package. Quality candidates will be attracted to your positions if they can see how they would already fit at the workplace. Good options to improve HR through video include providing staff testimonials, virtual tours, “a day in the life” videos, or personality showcases. Entelo provides six great examples of company culture videos HERE.


Create a transparent recruiting video

A bad hire can cost you $50,000, not counting the lost time and money spent hiring someone new, the decreased production, the hit to employee morale and the negative impact on client relations. A recruitment video can save both sides considerable headaches. At Funnelbox, one of our core values is to engage in proactive, unfiltered, effective communication. We keep this in mind when creating our recruitment videos and don’t hold anything back. We discuss job expectations, describe qualities we do and don’t want, and emphasize how our core values shape and inform everything we do. The video acts as a filter; after watching, applicants either remove themselves from the pool or become even more jazzed about the position and our company.

Retaining Talent


Onboarding and Continued Training

Incorporating video into onboarding and training makes the process more interesting to recent hires and increases company retention rates. Why? Our brains are wired for visual information. In 2008, James McQuivey conducted a study and he argued a video is worth 1.8 million words. Online, more people engage with videos than text. Ninety percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visual information is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.


Culture Reinforcement

You put substantial effort into aligning employee and organizational values and there should be company-wide awareness of such effort. Stress the importance of your organizational culture every chance you get. Don’t underestimate the value of video in distributing your message to employees. They are more likely to watch a three-minute video overview of company diversity programs than read a lengthy email or memo. Capture retreats, casual Fridays, company picnics, ping pong tournaments, or whatever is embraced by your employees. Spread the video love as tokens of appreciation and reminders of why your top talent works for you and not your competitors. If you aren’t proactive, your top talent might slip through your fingers.

Video Insights

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