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There are two forms of YouTube’s unskippable ads for desktop and mobile devices. The first kind of unskippable ad lasts 15 to 20 seconds. The second kind is called a long unskippable ad, which can last up to 30 seconds. They can appear at the beginning, middle or end of a video. Like broadcast commercial breaks, non-skippable in-stream ads must be watched from beginning to end before the viewer can engage with the YouTube content.


Why Go For Unskippable Ads?

Unskippable ads help build brand awareness. You can buy non-skippable in-stream ads on a CPM (cost per mille aka thousand) basis. YouTube content creators must enable unskippable ads. Unskippable ads are more common on popular channels and viral content. Ads that can’t be skipped generate more revenue for YouTube content creators, but they also have a higher bounce rate.

A higher bounce rate lowers the views to watch time ratio, which can negatively impact YouTube authority. That’s something to consider as a content creator. As an advertiser, unskippable ads mean you can create content people remember and interact with. It’s a great way to boost brand consideration or to remain top of mind.



YouTube’s unskippable ads offer a very reasonable CPM. Because YouTube is part of Google’s Display Network, you can target your ads and reach the right eyes at the right time.


Best Practices

  1. 1. Tell a compelling story. The beauty of video is that it is worth 1.8 million words. When viewers can’t skip, you want to create content they don’t want to turn away from.
  2. 2. Get to the heart of the story. The ad you cut or re-engineer for these ads should feel like a complete story, not a reduction.
  3. 3. Be authentic. Don’t doubt the power 15 to 30 seconds can have on your customers’ brand recall.

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