Why You Should Use Google AdWords for Video

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Why should you use Google AdWords for video? AdWords lets you use Google’s advertising networks to target your video ads so you hit a marketing bull’s-eye.

With tools like Google AdWords, businesses can show up on the first page of Google as an advertisement, even if their webpage does not appear as a top organic result.

Videos are extremely effective. It doesn’t matter if it’s a welcome video or an advertisement. People remember videos. In fact, the Online Publishers Association found 80 percent of Internet users remember seeing a video on a website they visited in the past month. Nearly half of those users took some action after watching the video they saw.

Going back to why you should use Google Adwords for video … it’s that ability to target your audience. I’m going to talk about four ways Google AdWords lets you target different audiences: time of day, location, search behavior, and specific channels and pages.


Target Time of Day

You can target what time of day your ads show up. If you’re unsure, you can run a small campaign and look at the AdWords report of when people searched for your keywords and clicked your ad.

For example, a restaurant probably wants to advertise its dinner special during the hours when customers could come in and use the offer, perhaps before a video with the long tail keyword “save money eating out.” A 24-hour emergency plumber may want to target potential customers searching YouTube for videos on “How to fix a clogged toilet” during hours when other plumbers have closed shop.


Target Location

Google AdWords lets you get as specific as a neighborhood and as general as country when it comes to targeting your ads. A travel agency specializing in French vacations can target people searching for France who speak English. A bistro can set its location target so its video ad with the slogan, “Hungry? Why Cook?” will pop up next to blogs featuring recipes similar to its signature dishes, but only to viewers in a specific ZIP code.


Target Search Behavior

You can look at your AdWords reports and target certain search behavior. For example, customers who search for camera equipment and buy books on photography. If you know where potential customers are in the purchase funnel based on their search behavior, you can get your ad in front of their eyes.


Target Specific Channels and Pages

Google calls targeting specific channels and pages “managed placements.” If you want to advertise on certain YouTube channels or websites, then you can handpick where those ads go. You also can increase or decrease how much you want to spend on managed placements, depending on the return on investment you see when you review your AdWords report.


Instead of spending money to put your video in front of an audience that may or may not be interested in your product, Google AdWords helps you put your media in front of the right people at the right time.

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