Use Video to Become a Thought Leader In Your Industry

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Use video to become a thought leader in your industry

Thought leader. It’s more than a term of flattery. A position of thought leadership creates credibility, boosts visibility, and pushes brand loyalty to a whole new level. Furthermore, thought leadership tactics send traffic to your site and increase time spent on a particular page, which in turn sends trust signals to search engines and improves rankings within search results.

So what’s the recipe for success in becoming a thought leader in any given industry? Well, it takes a dash of innovative ideas, a pinch of specialization, a whole lot of strategy, and (for extra flavor) video.

But how does one use video to become a thought leader? I’m glad you asked.

Make sure your brand personality reflects that of a thought leader and vice versa.

Thought leadership isn’t synonymous with mind-numbing information. Boring content doesn’t make it very far in the digital arena. Your brand has a personality and that should be expressed in all of your thought leadership pieces. Likewise, intelligence and innovativeness should be traits expressed in other branded pieces.

Develop an understanding of how people learn.

Video is one of the richest mediums, allowing an audio-visual experience extremely effective in making a lasting imprint in the minds of viewers. Doctor Albert Mehrabian discovered the scientific reasoning behind these tendencies. A mere seven percent of a message received comes from words chosen. The way in which those words are expressed tone-wise accounts for 38 percent and the remaining 55 percent of the message received can be traced to body language. (Learn more about this formula here).

Other mediums are typically capable of one or two of those divisions, but video is a rare gem with the ability to capture all three. Use it to its full potential when pushing out audio-visual campaigns. Viewers are much more likely to retain information that is presented in an expressive way.

Be bold.

Thought leaders don’t play it safe nor are they afraid of what others think. They are first adopters, innovators, and highly opinionated individuals. Seek answers to the unknown, challenge others, and express experience every chance you get. Share your enthusiastic insights with others and they will anxiously await your next video.

Develop a content calendar and stick to it.

Don’t leave people hanging or they’ll find the information elsewhere. Top thought leaders schedule regular video content. Their network of followers is never disappointed by the lack of new content because they know exactly when to expect it. So determine a frequency that will be manageable and deliver at the same time each period.

You might have an incredibly high subscriber network, but let’s face it – everybody wants more views. Promote your content on your website, social feeds, and, if the budget is there, with PPC campaigns. The more eyes that land on your work, the better both for SEO and for further growing your network and positioning yourself as an influencer in your industry.

Grow your network through collaborations.

Invite other industry leaders to make guest appearances in your videos. Both parties gain exposure due to the other’s network of followers, so it’s a win for everybody.

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