Wacom Video Engagement Case Study


Wacom Video Engagement Case Study

Video Engagement Case Study

Longtime client, Wacom, approached Funnelbox to do a different kind of project. They needed a video that would capture the essence of the brand while simultaneously showcasing entries from an art competition they had run.

The challenge was to create a flow of artwork within a narrative that built an emotional tie between Wacom, the artists and the idea of “creativity everywhere.” The primary goal of the campaign was to engage artists and creatives with the Wacom brand.

The campaign was promoted on social media. The final product was distributed across many online channels. Results were measured by looking at total views and engagement on the brand’s YouTube channel and throughout social media platforms.

Funnelbox worked toward their engagement goal by beginning with the end, asking what would pique the interests and emotions of a visually driven audience. By integrating a live action shoot with compositing techniques that inserted the artwork of contestants, we were able to make chosen artwork look like it was at home in a heavily forested landscape. The Funnelbox team created a video that was both visually stunning and effective.

It was a very challenging project. The combination of a natural environment with multiple cameras and young children as talent made for many distractions and required firm direction. A short timeline also made it mandatory for our team to shoot and edit the final piece in 2 weeks. Finally, due to the contest submission deadline, our editors had to wait until just a few days before the delivery date to integrate artwork that was submitted to the competition. The solution was was several all-nighters to ensure compositing and finishing work was completed within the timeline we were given.

The final piece was incredibly well received and drove massive interaction with Wacom’s audience. They obtained over 500,000 views with thousands of likes and shares. The artists had no idea that their submission would be used in the video and were incredibly happy for the signal boost. Their excitement led to them sharing the video with ALL of their contacts and fantastic conversations surrounding the campaign.

It was incredibly well received and drove massive interaction with Wacom’s audience.


“Can’t tell you thank you enough… the final is absolutely beautiful!  Very impressed.  You guys should be really proud of this work:  the quality, the sound, the flow and the way it all comes together is simply amazing!  When you wake up, I think you should jump online to see some of the real-time reactions and kudos given by Wacom customers and loyal fans…”

– Erin (direct client contact)